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RE: How not to drive a Lamborghini


RE: How not to drive a Lamborghini
by Lost at 6:31 pm EDT, Apr 7, 2004

flynn23 wrote:
] How do you wreck turning into a corner too early?

It is called oversteer... excessive speed, hard breaking, momentum is forward, front of the car goes down as the weight transfers, back of the car goes up at the same time, rear traction is compromised, novice drive has begun slight early turn in, back wheels kick out... JESUS GOD!


One of the reasons why a race version of that car would have a BIG FUCKING SPOILER... downforce is teh good. As well as a very strong roll cage.

Probably the easiest way for a novice driver to eat shit driving a mid engine rear-wheel-drive super car with RAW DOG TORQUE and incredible brakes that will stop you on a dime... or propel you sideways into a wall. Haven't you people played Gran Turismo? ;)

Whoever drove that car on that track like that was a tool, but the mistake was an easy one to make. Autocross would have been a more appropriate choice... no walls to hit.

RE: How not to drive a Lamborghini

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