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This page contains all of the posts and discussion on MemeStreams referencing the following web page: CCC | Chaos Computer Club analyzes government malware. You can find discussions on MemeStreams as you surf the web, even if you aren't a MemeStreams member, using the Threads Bookmarklet.

CCC | Chaos Computer Club analyzes government malware
by noteworthy at 12:14 pm EDT, Oct 10, 2011

Susan Landau:

How can we get communications security right?

Steve Bellovin et al:

Architecture matters a lot, and in subtle ways.

Cory Doctorow:

I am enough of a techno-pessimist to believe that baking surveillance, control and censorship into the very fabric of our networks, devices and laws is the absolute road to dictatorial hell.

Andy Greenberg:

The exploitation of lawful intercept is more than theoretical.

Eric Schmidt:

If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place.


What you tell Google you've told the government.

Chaos Computer Club:

The largest European hacker club, "Chaos Computer Club" (CCC), has reverse engineered and analyzed a "lawful interception" malware program used by German police forces. It has been found in the wild and submitted to the CCC anonymously. The malware can not only siphon away intimate data but also offers a remote control or backdoor functionality for uploading and executing arbitrary other programs. Significant design and implementation flaws make all of the functionality available to anyone on the internet.

Julia Angwin:

Anecdotal data suggest that digital searches are becoming common.

Noam Cohen's friend:

Privacy is serious. It is serious the moment the data gets collected, not the moment it is released.

RE: CCC | Chaos Computer Club analyzes government malware
by Decius at 7:11 am EDT, Oct 11, 2011

Mikko Hypponen:

In one case, the "R2D2" trojan was installed on a suspect's laptop in customs & immigration at the Munich International airport.

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