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the irresistible urge | A Noteworthy Year
by noteworthy at 9:22 am EST, Dec 27, 2015

David Cole:

We are in danger of seeing privacy go the way of the eight-track player. And that has immense consequences not only for our personal lives, but for the character of our country.

Martin Enserink and Gilbert Chin:

Privacy as we have known it is ending, and we're only beginning to fathom the consequences.


Every time you slip that phone into your pocket, you're making a deal with the carrier: you get to use it, but the company gets your data. All of your data: where you are, where you travel, where you shop, who you're with, where you sleep -- even who you sleep with.

Frank Chimero:

In pursuit of convenience, we have opened the door to unscrupulous influence.

Leigh Alexander:

Facebook is absolutely, indisputably creepy, a fungal colony of privacy violations fused helplessly to our human infrastructure.

Diana Kimball:

The urge to enrich the Database of Intentions is irresistible.

Natasha Lomas:

The obfuscated commercial collection of vast amounts of personal data in exchange for 'free' services is gradually being revealed for what it is: a heist of unprecedented scale.

Ron Amadeo:

The scale of YouTube gets more breathtaking every year. 12 days of video are uploaded to the site every minute -- that's almost 50 years of video every day.

Virginia Eubanks:

Decision-making algorithms are a form of politics played out at a distance, generating a troubling amount of emotional remove.

Georgia Tech:

The privacy tug-of-war between individuals and organizations has become a tug with no war.

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