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all fear, all the time | A Noteworthy Year
by noteworthy at 6:04 am EST, Dec 28, 2015

John Boehner:

We live in a dangerous country, and we get reminded every week of the dangers that are out there.

Diego Gambetta:

A threat does not now need to manifest itself or even be proven imminent to motivate a war. This approach ... is an intentional way of framing the situation and turning it into a political strategy.

danah boyd:

I feel like I am at constant war with my own brain over the dynamics of fear.

Jelani Cobb:

We increasingly glance at one another through a veil of suspicion, doubt and fear. The problem is not technology. It is, as it always was, us.

Thomas Fuentes:

'Keep Fear Alive.' Keep it alive.

Brandon Valeriano and Ryan C. Maness:

Fear is the result of imagined consequences.

Timothy Egan:

Life is full of risk. [And] the fear-industrial complex continues to dominate national priorities. Some politicians are all fear, all the time.

Lynn Parramore:

It's a good time to be in a fear-based industry.

Marilynne Robinson:

Fear operates as an appetite or an addiction. You can never be safe enough.

Azar Nafisi:

I don't fear the ordeal of freedom. I fear the moment when we stop thinking of freedom as an ordeal.

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