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Abaddon, still up to no good.
by ophten at 4:11 pm EDT, Jul 27, 2005

Even more of Abaddon being up to no good.

Abaddon Drops The Bomb on Cisco
by Rattle at 6:01 pm EDT, Jul 27, 2005

Security experts view Black Hat as the premier event to discuss and explore Internet vulnerabilities. At this year’s event, Michael Lynn, a member of ISS’ X-Force R&D team, gave a talk Wednesday on vulnerabilities in Cisco’s IOS, but he did so only after resigning from ISS, according to a company spokesperson.

Lynn is MemeStreams user abaddon.

Cisco’s statement added that Lynn’s presentation was not a disclosure of a new vulnerability or a flaw with Cisco IOS software, but an exploration of “ways to expand exploitations of existing security vulnerabilities impacting routers.”

Cisco PR is spinning at top speed right now. Lynn did infact demonstrate the remote injection of shellcode to a Cisco router. Lynn is able to make a Cisco router connect back to his attack host with an enable shell. For those unfamilar with Cisco routers, that basically means its possible to hack the router and get full control of it. This is not a DoS attack. This is a full on compromise.

This is basically the bug that could be used to take down the Internet. No bullshit.

Abaddon, still up to no good.
by Acidus at 7:02 pm EDT, Jul 27, 2005

Even more of Abaddon being up to no good.

Ok, A couple of things

-Fuck Cisco for buying off ISS to cancel the production.

-Fuck ISS for short changing one of there top researchers.

-Mike followed the "respected disclosure procedures." Cisco has known about this for months, and has been notifying top clients about on the down low.

-This is a full compromise of the IOS. Not simply a DoS.

-Fuck this "Illegally obtained information." IOS isn't encrypted. There was no DMCA violation. Its a closed proprietary system. Its a trade secret. Mike figured it out.

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