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This page contains all of the posts and discussion on MemeStreams referencing the following web page: 2001 Maniacs now available for pre-order on Amazon. You can find discussions on MemeStreams as you surf the web, even if you aren't a MemeStreams member, using the Threads Bookmarklet.

2001 Maniacs now available for pre-order on Amazon
by Rattle at 8:55 pm EST, Feb 25, 2006

I've covered the progress of this movie on here before.

The directorial debut of Tim Sullivan (Rattle's cousin), 2001 Maniacs, goes on sale March 28th. Check out the trailer.

So far all the reviews have been good. In short: B-Movie horror cinema at its best. Congratulations to Tim! It was a very long slog for him to get this move made and released.

"Refreshingly vulgar, completely un-PC, and, much like the original, an expected excuse for extremely sadistic humor and gore, 2001 MANIACS has all the elements of a good time and still raises a dialogue among viewers that not many have had the balls to address in horror, or filmmaking in general, since the 70's. You'll squirm, screech and then writhe with laughter." - Shane French, FANGORIA

A re-imagining of HG Lewis' drive-in cult classic, 2001 MANIACS keeps tongue firmly in cheek as it tells the twisted tale of the small Southern town of Pleasant Valley, brought low during the Civil War by the North, now doomed to eternally extracting bloody revenge on unsuspecting Northern travelers.

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