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Think Progress [tag Path to 911]
by Neoteric at 1:06 pm EDT, Sep 7, 2006

ABC is marketing its docudrama, The Path to 9/11, as “based on the 9/11 Commission Report.” It is defending the films multiple inaccuracies by claiming some scenes were “drawn from a variety of sources.”

Now we finally have an answer to the question:
What does it take to air a 2hr docudrama commercial free on broadcast television now a days.

The answer is lies, lies, lies.

_Path to 9/11_ is a "docudrama" whose major thesis is that 9/11 happened because President Clinton didn't prevent it. It is airing on ABC.

This is a link to the thinkprogress tag about everything related to the film. I can only cite some of the highlights:

* Scholastic is giving out materials to teachers clearly made w/ partisian politics in mind.

* At NO POINT did Fmr National Security Advisor Sandy Berger discourage going after Osama bin Ladin.

This is so very paritsan it's sick. The best part is that it will air commercial free. When's the last time you heard a broadcast network do that? (esp. concidering all the free press it's been getting on this fantasy)

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