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RE: Seventh Annual Weblog Awards


RE: Seventh Annual Weblog Awards
by noteworthy at 1:21 pm EST, Jan 28, 2007

barry1021 wrote:

Well I joined to write one post and then I will disappear.

Thanks for taking the time to join and reply. I appreciate the feedback. There's probably no chance you'll change your mind about disappearing, but you're welcome to stay. The registration process tends to inhibit a lot of potential feedback from readers, so it's nice when someone makes the extra effort.

I simply must respond to your comment that the Fat Cyclist site is stupid. The only thing that is stupid around here is your stupid comment.

Point taken. My first impression was what it was, but it was rash to pass summary judgment on that basis.

If the blog were truly "wildly popular", then perhaps it's not the best choice for "best kept secret" blog, but nonetheless it garnered enough votes to earn a nomination, and so I suppose it deserves congratulations in that regard, at least. It is more than can be said for MemeStreams this year.

RE: Seventh Annual Weblog Awards

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