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RE: Fuck Hip Hop


RE: Fuck Hip Hop
by Rattle at 7:22 pm EST, Dec 1, 2002

Decius wrote:
] Hrm, I think that there are lots of people out there who could
] be saying lots of things with rap music. I can't help but see
] the hands of the industry in all of this bling bling crap.
] There is lots of stuff that they could be promoting. I heard
] some very good underground hip hop in Atlanta that had lots of
] themes. They choose to promote this gangster stuff because its
] a simple formula and it works. Rent a few hot cars and some
] hot girls and have some dude from the projects talking about
] his rims. Anybody can throw that together in a weekend and it
] sells millions. The impact is aweful. There are people in poor
] neighborhoods in Nashville who spend their house money on
] cars. They drive escalades but they can barely afford a roof
] over their heads.

Yes. Same thing all over. Its sad.

As more time passes, I just really want to *destroy* all of the existing mass media powers that be. (Ok, destroy is too strong. "Render irrelevant" Better? More American?) What they promote causes problems. What they report on, and how they report on it, causes problems. A free and open media is the only way to go, but right now our media has some sort of "tyranny of the majority" effect going on. As it turns out, the majority are morons. There is defintally some sort of 80/20 split in effect when it comes to the distribution of intelligence in the population. Right now American culture is being driven by the morons. Its the double edge of the free and open media. Can Information Technology address this problem and save us?

We need our media to inform us of whats important and connect the dots, not just scare the hell out of us and feed us shit. It comes down to the need for more reputable sources being available to the masses in a mannor thats competitive with the "boiled down to the LCD" fuckers. Thats a hard problem, because being stupid is entertaining. And stupid people would rather be entertained then educated.

I saw Bowling for Columbine last night. Worth seeing if its playing anywhere in Nashville. Gave me alot to churn on. Moore was driving this "culture of fear" line that seems to be a meme coming out of many of our elders of late. Hunter S Thompson is another person ranting about that. He has a new book coming out soon entitled the "Kingdom of Fear".. This "culture of fear" meme has got me thinking. Its been popping up in odd places lately.

] We need an alternative marketing system.

Hopefully it works out better then alternative music did.

RE: Fuck Hip Hop

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