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RE: The election is basically over.


RE: The election is basically over.
by Decius at 12:41 pm EDT, Aug 29, 2008

Stefanie wrote:
I disagree. You can't dismiss her without dismissing Obama for all the same reasons.

Simply put, yes I can. There is now a wide swath of Republicans arguing that her two years as Governor of Alaska is "executive experience" exceeding that of Obama and so there is nothing more to say about her qualifications. This is a silly oversimplification that only a blind partisan would make and I'm sorry but the objective public is simply not going to buy into it.

Furthermore, I like her efforts to reduce taxes and corruption in Alaska, but neither makes her qualified to be President of the United States.

Obama is widely perceived to be an extraordinary statesman and intellectual who has the ability to develop a deep understanding of challenging policy issues, and leverage those understandings to move the country in a new direction on a number of different fronts. I don't mean to disparage Palin but she does not carry that kind of weight.

RE: The election is basically over.

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