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by noteworthy at 6:50 am EDT, Jun 14, 2010

At the mall, an exchange:

Blakey: Okay, listen. At the mall, there is all the stuff you want, but like, can't have, right?

Tara: Yeah, so?

Blakey: Well, I mean that's like totally like being in hell, right?

Tara: Um, I don't know, Blakey, cause, like, all that wanting is, like, what I dream about all week long. I think it helps to want more than I can have, you know what I mean? Cause, like, I love to want.

Blakey: I love to want, too, but like, I love to have, way more.

Tara: Yeah. I know, having is sooo much better than wanting.

Blakey: I know, but like, wanting is like, part of life, right?

Tara: Yeah, and life is about getting, so, it all makes sense. Life is about wanting to have, and then getting, and then having, and then, like, wanting more.

Blakey: Whoa. Tara, that is so true.

Michael Lopp:

We're in a world where you can find anything you want, which is great, except when you realize there's a lot of everything.

Randall Munroe:

What if I want something more?

Sarah Silverman:

You're very free if you don't love money.

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