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Current Topic: Business

RE: Panic on 43rd Street | Vanity Fair
Topic: Business 10:26 am EDT, Aug 29, 2006

Why isn't MemeStreams stickier? What will it take to get every registered user to visit the site daily and generate 20 page views? There ought to be a plan!

* Communication Function: MySpace replaces email; Memestream messaging does not.
* Demographics: Memestreams users, on average, seem to have lives and professions.
* Content: I read the RSS feed... through livejournal... with the exception of the links I follow through, most of my reading is likely untrackable. If I couldn't, I would read Memestreams less.
* Content navigation: Banging on the folksonomy drum again -- I read the front page. I read my recommendation page. But outside the cover articles, I have little inclination to "dive deeper". Except when entries link to other entries, or when I remember an article that I wish to recall, I don't go through the bulk of the site. If there were tags or other automatically generated clustering content links, I probably would.

RE: Panic on 43rd Street | Vanity Fair

Positive Sharing » Top 5 reasons why “The Customer Is Always Right” is wrong
Topic: Business 7:26 am EDT, Jul 24, 2006

The phrase “The customer is always right” was originally coined by Harry Gordon Selfridge, the founder of Selfridge’s department store in London in 1909, and is typically used by businesses to:

1. Convince customers that they will get good service at this company
2. Convince employees to give customers good service

Fortunately more and more businesses are abandoning this maxim - ironically because it leads to bad customer service.

Here are the top five reasons why “The customer is always right” is wrong.

Positive Sharing » Top 5 reasons why “The Customer Is Always Right” is wrong

RE: India: Why Apple Walked Away
Topic: Business 5:57 pm EDT, Jun 19, 2006

i was very interested to read your post on outsourcing in general and regarding call centres in particular. Due to mental health problems triggered by stress principally i need to work in a relatively stress free environment so i work in a call centre on the phones i ignore the targets by and large and my managers all know i'm very good on the phone but my job is being outsourced to India.
I think I do a good job because i can mostly handle the range of accents, i can handle the problems and usually diffuse the complainers. I believe in free markets and I like the idea of wealth creation going to the developing world through outsourcing. I suspect a lot of the outsourced call centres will return to locations staffed by people more linguistically in tune with the target audience. It is sometimes a challenge to catch the gist of a 70 year old Tynesider who is beginning show signs of Alzheimer's. I sometimes have to listen very carefully and i'm English with an English degree.

Call centers in India are for companies that don't give a shit about customer service.

the problem is that the people who make these outsourcing decisions are completly cut off from the day to day customer service level
they're quite happy to let customers wait on the phone for 20 minutes minimum in a queue ( i speak to people all day long who've been trying to get through to someone all day long and they phone the line i work on because it has short queues but i just have to explain that there's nothing i can do and that i have no shortcuts)
these managers see that it is a low paid job and consider it unskilled and don't understand that one of the skills in this case is having an intuititive understanding of the language, and the culture, from being raised in it ( a point which therefore includes my British-Asian colleages, born in Leicester, a city which according to Wikipedia is due shortly to have a population where the majority is not ethnically white European.)
the bean counters will learn by market forces that there is more to customer service than just having a warm body on the other end of a telephone; and that's once the customers have negiotiated the automated call menu system which customers generally hate (they can be a useful tool but there are so many badly designed ones that won't just let you speak to a person or are just plain badly designed)

RE: India: Why Apple Walked Away

News Corp. (hearts) MySpace | FORTUNE
Topic: Business 5:13 pm EDT, Apr  3, 2006

The News Corp.'s purchase of MySpace is looking like that rarest of rarities in the media world -- a much-ballyhooed acquisition where it turns out that the buyer underpaid.

Interesting perspective.

News Corp. (hearts) MySpace | FORTUNE

House Panel To Nix 'Network Neutrality' Safeguards
Topic: Business 8:38 am EST, Feb 24, 2006

If you followed the threads, Who really gets hurt by 'prioritization' of the Internet, and Postage Is Due for Companies Sending E-Mail, you may want to see this follow-up.

In a major blow to Internet firms such as and Google, the House Energy and Commerce Committee expects to scrap plans for "network neutrality" safeguards in forthcoming telecommunications legislation, congressional and industry sources said. Instead, the panel would move a streamlined video franchising bill sought by AT&T and Verizon Communications, which are deploying video services that will compete with cable companies.

House Panel To Nix 'Network Neutrality' Safeguards

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