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Fuck Infinite Energy
Topic: Miscellaneous 5:04 pm EDT, Apr 22, 2004

Infinite Energy sells natural gas in apartment complexes in Georgia. As they have lock in exclusive contracts with complexes their customers don't have any choice but to do business with them. As a result they have piss poor customer service because they just don't care.

Unfortunately, the only way to avoid them is to rent from a complex that doesn't use them, or not to rent. Do you rent in Georiga? Do you know of a property management company that doesn't deal with these people?

I sent them a check, which they cashed but failed to post to my account. Then they disconnected my service. They did send me a final disconnection notice, but it was a non descript envelope that ended up on my bill pile because it looks like a bill. Georgia law requires this notification to occur by phone or certified mail.

I haven't had a shower since Monday. I didn't realize the gas had been disconnected till yesterday. I spent the entire day yesterday dealing with their lazy customer service reps, who had my cashed check 30 seconds away from them on their terminals, but still insisted on making me jump through multiple hoops and broken fax machines to prove to them that I paid them before they'd bother to look there. (And when they DID get my fax they did nothing with it at all. I had to call back in 5 hours later and prod them, and at that time they couldn't find the fax.)

They're supposed to turn my gas back on today. I have to be home between the hours of 8 AM and 5PM. As I can't cook in my apartment I suppose that also means I'm not supposed to eat.

Thank you, infinite energy, for fucking up my life for several days because you are too lazy to double check your data entry. No company in a competitive marketplace would ever disconnect a paying customer.

Fuck Infinite Energy

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