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Current Topic: Technology

Google Scholar
Topic: Technology 11:36 am EST, Dec 28, 2004

] Google Scholar enables you to search specifically for
] scholarly literature, including peer-reviewed papers,
] theses, books, preprints, abstracts and technical reports
] from all broad areas of research. Use Google Scholar to
] find articles from a wide variety of academic publishers,
] professional societies, preprint repositories and
] universities, as well as scholarly articles available
] across the web.


Google Scholar

CIA's private jet an open secret in terror war
Topic: Technology 11:35 am EST, Dec 28, 2004

The plane's owner of record, Premier Executive Transport Services Inc., lists directors and officers who appear to exist only on paper. And each one of those directors and officers has a recently issued Social Security number and an address consisting only of a post office box, according to an extensive search of state, federal and commercial records.

CIA's private jet an open secret in terror war

New Scientist -- Robot Builder could 'print' houses
Topic: Technology 3:51 pm EST, Mar 16, 2004

] A robot for "printing" houses is to be trialled by the
] construction industry. It takes instructions directly
] from an architect's computerised drawings and then
] squirts successive layers of concrete on top of one other
] to build up vertical walls and domed roofs.

Read my lips. 30 hour work week.

New Scientist -- Robot Builder could 'print' houses

Computers that create patents
Topic: Technology 2:54 pm EST, Feb  1, 2004

] Technically, Stephen Thaler has written more music than
] any composer in the world. He also invented the Oral-B
] CrossAction toothbrush and devices that search the
] Internet for messages from terrorists. He has discovered
] substances harder than diamonds, coined 1.5 million new
] English words, and trained robotic cockroaches.
] Technically.
] Thaler, the president and chief executive of Imagination
] Engines Inc. in Maryland Heights, gets credit for all
] those things, but he's really just "the man behind the
] curtain," he says. The real inventor is a computer
] program called a Creativity Machine.

This is rather amazing. The article makes what must be tremendous programming projects sounds very simple. They guy actually has neural networks inventing technologies.

Computers that create patents

Warp2Search.Net Your Daily Tech News Service - Canada declares P2P downloading legal
Topic: Technology 12:30 pm EST, Dec 16, 2003

Downloading copyrighted music from peer-to-peer networks is legal in Canada, although uploading files is not, Canadian copyright regulators said in a ruling released Friday...

Warp2Search.Net Your Daily Tech News Service - Canada declares P2P downloading legal

Bug devices track officials at summit - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics
Topic: Technology 7:40 pm EST, Dec 14, 2003

Officials who attended a world Internet and technology summit in Switzerland last week were unknowingly bugged, said researchers who attended the forum.
Badges assigned to attendees of the World Summit on the Information Society were affixed with radio-frequency identification chips (RFIDs), said Alberto Escudero-Pascual, Stephane Koch and George Danezis in a report issued after the conference ended Friday in Geneva

Bug devices track officials at summit - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics

Secunia - Advisories - Internet Explorer URL Spoofing Vulnerability
Topic: Technology 11:18 am EST, Dec 11, 2003

This could really have sone serious consequences against the IE team at M$ and what really bothers me is that this is isn't even difficult to reproduce. You all might want to "view source" next time you are typing your credit card in an online order form.

::A vulnerability has been identified in Internet Explorer, which can be exploited by malicious people to display a fake URL in the address and status bars...

Secunia - Advisories - Internet Explorer URL Spoofing Vulnerability

11Alive,ATLANTA,News, Student Suspended for Hacking Computers
Topic: Technology 11:30 am EST, Dec 10, 2003

] Kennesaw (AP) -- A high school student suspended for
] hacking into the school's computer system says he
] stumbled across private student information using only a
] password given to all students who use school computers.
]Pike's parents argue he merely uncovered a security flaw in the ]school system's computer network.

ah, local news covering technology-xor.

11Alive,ATLANTA,News, Student Suspended for Hacking Computers

Internet worms and critical infrastructure | CNET
Topic: Technology 4:22 pm EST, Dec  9, 2003

Did MSBlast cause the Aug. 14 blackout? The official analysis says "no," but Bruce Schneier is not so sure.

Internet worms and critical infrastructure | CNET

RE: Host Identity Protocol
Topic: Technology 2:30 pm EDT, Oct 23, 2003

Decius wrote:
] ] Host Identity Protocol [3] (HIP) defines a mechanism that
] ] decouples the transport layer from the internetworking
] ] layer, and introduces a new Host Identity namespace. When
] ] a host uses HIP, the transport layer sockets and IPsec
] ] Security Associations are not bound to IP addresses but
] ] to Host Identifiers. This document specifies how the
] ] mapping from Host Identifiers to IP addresses can be
] ] extended from a static one-to-one mapping into a dynamic
] ] one-to-many mapping. This enables end-host mobility and
] ] multi-homing.
] Abaddon and I spent some time last summer working on a protocl
] called Adaptive Addressing Protocol (AAP). It was an attempt
] to make Mobile IP less silly by allowing hosts to change their
] IP addresses without dropping connections. It did so by
] associating connections with a unique identifier, secured by a
] Diffie Hellman key exchange. Last night, Jeremy points me at
] this. This is APP, basically. Its amazing how close our
] designs are. Its also *really* frustrating. We were going to
] have a working demo this weekend for Phreaknic.
] I'm going to read through this stuff and see if there are any
] design decisions that we made that might be of value to this
] working group. Having said that, its worth memeing this
] documentation. This is the right answer for mobile IP
] and it will probably be the answer we end up with for
] multihoming of small networks because deploying something like
] this is less expensive then renumbering the internet
] geographically.

I've had this idea before as well. Yay!

RE: Host Identity Protocol

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