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Current Topic: Computer Networking

RE: A DNS RR for specifying the location of services (DNS SRV) (RFC2782)
Topic: Computer Networking 11:24 am EDT, Oct 20, 2003

Rattle wrote:

] ] *.com IN SRV port=80
] priority=1
] ] weight=1
] However, you would need a protocol="tcp" flag along with your
] port="80" in your example. :) There are some details that
] need to be hashed out, but I like the general idea.

Oops ... it would look more like this:

_http._tcp.*.com IN SRV ...

in other words, for every domain, synthesize a record

A client asking for the HTTP SRV record for a non-existant domain would get sitefinder; a client asking for the A would get NXDOMAIN.

RE: A DNS RR for specifying the location of services (DNS SRV) (RFC2782)

djbdns performance/scalability problems?
Topic: Computer Networking 10:35 pm EDT, Oct 19, 2003

djbdns has a reputation among some as having performance and scalability problems. I have worked with djbdns extensively and am aware of no such issues. I'd like to hear from people who think there are problems so that either I can try to set the record straight or I can discover problems that I've been unaware of.

Reaction to VeriSign-NSI Break Up
Topic: Computer Networking 3:29 pm EDT, Oct 18, 2003

] On October 16, 2003, VeriSign announced the sale of its
] Network Solutions (NSI) business unit three years after
] its purchase from SAIC. This is a report on the
] historical snapshot of Network Solutions and a collection
] of commentaries made in response to this event.

Some good comments here.

Reaction to VeriSign-NSI Break Up

The Register -- V$ to relaunch sitefinder
Topic: Computer Networking 2:35 pm EDT, Oct 16, 2003

] VeriSign is to relaunch Site Finder, its highly
] controversial domain typo redirection service.
] VeriSign suspended Site Finder earlier this month,
] following an order from ICANN, the Net governing body,
] which claimed the company was in breach of its terms of
] operation.


The Register -- V$ to relaunch sitefinder - FCC Adopts Rules for Wireless Technology
Topic: Computer Networking 2:26 pm EDT, Oct 16, 2003

] WASHINGTON -- Regulators adopted rules Thursday to
] promote the development of a new wireless technology that
] can send large amounts of information between buildings
] without the need to dig up streets to lay cables.

Anyone know any more about this? - FCC Adopts Rules for Wireless Technology

VeriSign sticks with redirect service | CNET
Topic: Computer Networking 2:06 pm EDT, Sep 18, 2003

] O'Shaughnessy said there's no need for any outside
] organization to get involved. "There's some religiousness
] that's been brought to bear here besides the technical
] reality," he said. "We're fully compliant with every
] RFC," O'Shaughnessy said in reference to the technical
] standards that govern the Internet.

Bullshit. And the RFC situation is going to change Real Soon Now.

VeriSign sticks with redirect service | CNET

Patch for djbdns/dnscache
Topic: Computer Networking 9:23 am EDT, Sep 18, 2003

] This patch change djbdns's dnscache program so that it will ignore
] the IP address given in the ignoreip file. I wrote this patch
] because of Verisign's oh-so helpful wildcard A record for *.COM and
] *.NET.

For those of you running dnscache... this is the new and improved patch which supports blackholing multiple IPs ... apparently, other TLDs are now taking the cue from verisign (sigh):


Patch for djbdns/dnscache

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