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Current Topic: Computer Networking

Re: SRV resolver API?
Topic: Computer Networking 1:37 pm EST, Nov 16, 2004

] more broadly than that, a full dns client-side api is
] needed. we drafted one a couple of years ago but couldn't
] find the funding for it. c and c programmers should
] have the same high level access to the dns protocol that
] perl programmers have (through the excellent Net::DNS
] module).

I finally pinged the IETF DNS WG about resolver API foo that
I've been whining about for years. Here's Vixie's initial reply.

Re: SRV resolver API?

MARID is Dead
Topic: Computer Networking 3:10 pm EDT, Sep 23, 2004

] As long suspected by some, the IETF is going to be
] closing up the Mail Transfer Agent Authentication in DNS
] (MARID) Working Group according to today's post by Ted
] Hardie, co-AD for Applications. Larry Seltzer of eWeek
] was right on target about this:
] The rest of the SID standards process will now be a
] waste of time thanks to Microsoft, and the other
] participants will afterwards pick up the pieces and get
] the job done with another spec.

MARID is Dead

Can TCP/IP Survive?
Topic: Computer Networking 2:32 pm EDT, Sep 21, 2004

] The marketing effort that has been invested in this
] report is impressive. A friend of mine who has no
] Internet-specific expertise (although interested in
] technology generally) heard about it on the radio here in
] Australia and asked me if I knew of it. But the fact that
] the report is being sold as a product makes it
] intrinsically less valuable to me. Not only can I not
] afford to buy it (as a PhD student), I wouldn't consider
] it very valuable if I were given a complimentary copy,
] since the limited readership reduces the amount of
] intelligent discussion available on it.

Can TCP/IP Survive?

RFC3467: Role of the DNS
Topic: Computer Networking 2:43 pm EDT, Sep 17, 2004

] Ultimately, many of the issues with domain names arise as
] the result of efforts to use the DNS as a directory.
] While, at the time this document was written, sufficient
] pressure or demand had not occurred to justify a change,
] it was already quite clear that, as a directory system,
] the DNS is a good deal less than ideal. This document
] suggests that there actually is a requirement for a
] directory system, and that the right solution to a
] searchable system requirement is a searchable system, not
] a series of DNS patches, kludges, or workarounds.

RFC3467: Role of the DNS

Philly goes Wi-Fi crazy | The Register
Topic: Computer Networking 2:27 pm EDT, Sep  2, 2004

] The grand city of Philadelphia unveiled today an
] ambitious plan to coat the city with Wi-Fi, using a mix
] of public and private funds to provide the service.


Philly goes Wi-Fi crazy | The Register

ICANN Launching IPv6?
Topic: Computer Networking 1:19 pm EDT, Jul 20, 2004

Reuters is running a story that Vint Cerf announced at the ICANN
meeting that ICANN is "turning on IPv6." The story is scant
on details and has no information. I think they're maybe
talking about publishing IPv6 addresses (IN AAAA) for root servers...
anyone know anything else?

Japan and Korea have apparently "turned it on" insofar as they've
published ipv6 addrs for their root servers.

$ dig -t aaaa



;; ANSWER SECTION: 96996 IN AAAA 2001:dc4::1

Topic: Computer Networking 1:37 pm EDT, May 25, 2004

] Binc IMAP is a well designed, modular IMAP server for
] Maildir. Its goals are to be secure, stable, and fast,
] yet flexible and easy to maintain.

"Binc is not Courier!" I've been using this with QMail for awhile now. Its written in C++ and the authors are less "politically fussy" than Courier's.


Top-Level Domains for Addressing by Physical Context
Topic: Computer Networking 11:17 pm EST, Mar 25, 2004

] This article proposes the reservation of a special use
] TLD to allow a more convenient addressing of devices by
] general physical location or context.

I'm going to come out and say that this is *not* what DNS is for
and that this is a bad idea.

Top-Level Domains for Addressing by Physical Context

Topic: Computer Networking 11:43 am EDT, Oct 20, 2003

] // getsrvbyname.c -- A trivial implementation of a DNS
] // SRV [RFC2782] resolver.

Here's my code. Probably buggy. BSD license.


[sitefinder-tech-discuss] A small technical suggestion
Topic: Computer Networking 11:35 am EDT, Oct 20, 2003

] In my mind, the single largest technical issue with
] SiteFinder was that of the assumption that the WWW is the
] Internet - i.e., that a wildcard for Web users wouldn't
] affect other services. This, obviously, is not the case -
] A resource records are protocol-agnostic, as we all know.
] However, there is a rough equivalent to A RRs which are
] protocol-specific: SRV records.

(I think Tom blogged this but I lost it)

Looks like someone beat me to it. I wonder if he has code, though :P

Read on down the thread; sounds like

_http._tcp.*.com IN SRV ...

is not kosher ... but at the same time breaks much less than

*.com IN A ...

[sitefinder-tech-discuss] A small technical suggestion

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