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Current Topic: Health and Wellness

Gorillas missing link in HIV mystery - health - 08 November 2006 - New Scientist Tech
Topic: Health and Wellness 12:15 pm EST, Nov 10, 2006


*insert rude comment about gorillas and chimps*

Gorillas missing link in HIV mystery - health - 08 November 2006 - New Scientist Tech

US Chefs Not Interested In Calorie Content Of Dishes They Make
Topic: Health and Wellness 4:46 pm EDT, Oct 24, 2006

No real suprise here....

US Chefs Not Interested In Calorie Content Of Dishes They Make

Gawker: New York City Subway Smell Map
Topic: Health and Wellness 2:44 pm EDT, Sep 21, 2006

Gawker's New York City Subway Smell Map. Created from reports sent in by Gawker readers, the map displays particular smells -- horrific and sublime -- encountered throughout New York's subway stations. Mouse over any station to see the station name, subway lines, and types of smells to be found there. Click on any station for a popup with actual reader smell reports.

Gawker: New York City Subway Smell Map

The Food At Gitmo
Topic: Health and Wellness 1:59 pm EDT, Jun  9, 2004

I have a thing for MREs (Army food, Meals Ready To Eat, aka Three Lies in One) that borders between sadomaschism and routine torture. I like 'em. Which means, I have to go shopping for them every once and a while. I did a little google searching and found the Army Quartermaster's page, which originated the MRE. I also found some interesting other meals that have been brought about following the sucess of the MRE...

Notable is the Meal, Alternative Regionally Customized (MARC).

The Meal, Alternative Regionally Customized (MARC) is a self-contained, shelf stable meal that was developed by the U.S. Army Soldier and Biological Chemical Command (SBCCOM)/Natick, Individual Combat Ration Team (ICRT), Combat Feeding Directorate (CFD) after receiving an urgent request from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to expedite the development of a suitable vegetarian ration with unique dietary and component requirements designed specifically for detainees at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base (GTMO). The ICRT collaborated closely with Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP) and the U.S. Navy food service personnel at GTMO to determine salient performance characteristics and calorie requirements to maximize nutritional benefit and identify component restrictions. While created out of a need to support GTMO detainees, the meal may be used to provide for other detainees also. There are 10 different menus varieties. Each case contains 10 meals, 1 of each menu.

Now, the military has kosher and halal meals... they are here:

But I have to wonder what sort of PSYOPS went into making a different meal altogether.

They also have the humanitarian aid packages listed there as well:

And milk that doesn't need to be kept cool...

Romantic Emergency? Call The Condom Ambulance!
Topic: Health and Wellness 9:45 pm EDT, Jun  1, 2004

]STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - A Swedish aid organization will roll out a new
]line of defense to the country's emergency services next week -- the
]condom ambulance.
]From Friday, June 4, amorous couples can call the telephone number
]696969 and a white van featuring a large red condom with wings as
]a logo will deliver them a packet of 10 prophylactics.

]"We need to increase the usage of condoms," said Carl Osvald,
]marketing manager for the Swedish Organization for Sex Education,
]the non-governmental organization behind the initiative. "It is 50
]percent about pregnancy and 50 percent about sexually transmitted

]"We need to change attitudes to condoms," he said. "If we need to
]get out in to the bedrooms to make things better we will do it."

What a novel idea! But it'd never work here....

Romantic Emergency? Call The Condom Ambulance!

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