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CBGB founder dies at 75 -
Topic: Arts 10:30 am EDT, Aug 30, 2007

Hilly Kristal, whose dank Bowery rock club CBGB served as the birthplace of the punk rock movement and a launching pad for bands like the Ramones, Blondie and the Talking Heads, has died. He was 75.

RIP Hilly.

This is a good story about him that I heard on NPR yesterday.

CBGB founder dies at 75 -

YouTube - Image Resizing by Seam Carving
Topic: Technology 10:28 am EDT, Aug 30, 2007

A new technique shows resizing of images while keeping the important features of the image undistorted, also allows you to protect or remove part of the image with anything removed being automagically and seamlessly filled in.

This is making the rounds in technical circles today. The technique simple and very effective! Apparently Adobe has hired this guy so hopefully we'll see commercial availability soon.

We will now see better image spoofs on the interwebtubetrucks! I can't wait!

YouTube - Image Resizing by Seam Carving

Life and Dreams... and Summercon
Topic: Miscellaneous 11:04 am EDT, Aug 27, 2007

You know that dream where you are standing in front of a large group of people. You are giving a lecture. And you look down and you realize you aren't wearing pants. And then you look at the screen and you don't understand what you are supposed to be presenting on.

Yeah. That kind of sums up my Summercon experience.

Only I was wearing pants. I think. Yeah, I most likely had pants.

And I knew what I was supposed to talk about. How well I articulated is another matter.

But I don't fully remember giving the presentation. Something about source code mutation? Anyone? Bueller?


I don't drink beer. Why does my laptop smell like beer?


I vaguely recall something about screwing with spammers by throttling SMTP transactions, but it seems that talk was mixed with a detailed discussion of Scotch, and why Whisky doesn't have an "e"

Uhh, if you're looking for your pants. I think i have them.

Thanks again for speaking, it was a great time and i hope we're ready to do it again next year

Life and Dreams... and Summercon

Summercon 2007
Topic: Miscellaneous 11:03 am EDT, Aug 27, 2007

This is right after they got in on in the middle of the lobby. But seriously Summercon was and absolute blast. Best con about man on man action I have ever attended :)

TCP/IP: Explain

Summercon 2007

YouTube - Korki Buchek - Bing Bang Song
Topic: Miscellaneous 5:11 pm EDT, Aug 22, 2007

Bing bang bing bong bing!

YouTube - Korki Buchek - Bing Bang Song

LINDSAY WILL NOT BE CHARGED - What Would Tyler Durden Do
Topic: Miscellaneous 12:51 pm EDT, Aug 22, 2007

I know this is a bullshit post, but do you think cases like this could be used as legal precedent for others to escape conviction of DUI, drug possession, etc?

LINDSAY WILL NOT BE CHARGED - What Would Tyler Durden Do

WHO IS THIS SUPPOSED TO BE? - What Would Tyler Durden Do
Topic: Miscellaneous 10:36 am EDT, Aug 17, 2007

Jesus, my foot looks more like the real Britney Spears than these pictures.

Uhhh, pretty sure the Photoshop Dr. is in!

WHO IS THIS SUPPOSED TO BE? - What Would Tyler Durden Do

Zivity Is a Hot-or-Not that Pays You
Topic: Miscellaneous 10:29 am EDT, Aug 17, 2007

Well, we've finally made it in the press. After months of being tight-lipped, here we are.

Being the "Hot-or-Not" that pays. So awesome.

Zivity Is a Hot-or-Not that Pays You

Topic: Miscellaneous 6:39 pm EDT, Aug 13, 2007

The reason he doesn't love you anymore...


She may look clean...(SFW)
Topic: Miscellaneous 4:12 pm EDT, Aug 13, 2007

She may look clean boys....

She may look clean...(SFW)

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