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Current Topic: Recreation

YouTube - Dolphin play bubble rings
Topic: Recreation 5:40 pm EST, Jan 21, 2008

This is pretty freaking great!

YouTube - Dolphin play bubble rings

Hello Kitty AR-15 - evil black rifle meets cute and cuddly
Topic: Recreation 6:46 pm EST, Jan  1, 2008

In the "spirit" of the California Assault Weapon Ban I decided to do my best to alleviate the fears of my fellow citizens and gun-banning legislators when I put together a new AR-15 for my wife. Below is the result of my painstaking work to transform an Evil Black Rifle (EBR) into a Cute Pink RIfle (CPR). Introducing the Hello Kitty AR-15!

When I started working with Dave Maynor a few years ago he told me that if I was going to be working with him, I had to buy a gun. I told him the only gun I would buy was a hot pink AK-47. That put an end to the discussion, but I was partially serious. It seemed the sort of weapon a William Gibson character would carry, or perhaps a weapon popular in Africa, the cultural juxtaposition making it all the more wicked. Like the wigged warriors of Liberia. Well, finally someone has obliged, almost...

An item every 5 year old girl should have.

Hello Kitty AR-15 - evil black rifle meets cute and cuddly

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