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Gigantic Car Crushing Robot Hand
Topic: Arts 3:36 pm EDT, Oct 15, 2007

The eventual takeover of mankind by machines comes one step closer with the creation of this giant robot hand. It was built by untrained volunteers for the Robodock festival in Amsterdam last month, and is actually capable of crushing everything from shopping carts to small vans. The hand itself is 25 feet long, weighs about 5,000 pounds and was built from scrapyard parts including I-beams for the fingers and a digging machine truss as the forearm.

Via OhGizmo Via Ubergizmo

Gigantic Car Crushing Robot Hand

San Francisco Sock Exchange
Topic: Arts 6:49 pm EDT, Oct  2, 2007

San Francisco Sock Exchange

The Most Beautiful Super Computer
Topic: Arts 3:39 pm EDT, Oct  2, 2007

9th largest supercomputer in the world and the largest in Europe, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) installed in a former chapel.

Via Make

The Most Beautiful Super Computer

Photos of Chinese Factories
Topic: Miscellaneous 3:32 pm EDT, Oct  2, 2007

Via Wired

Photos of Chinese Factories

Rube Goldberg Drains
Topic: Arts 6:27 pm EDT, Sep 27, 2007

Via Make:

Feed the meter, rent a parking spot, and turn it into something else...
Topic: Arts 9:46 pm EDT, Sep 26, 2007

Via BoingBoing!

Feed the meter, rent a parking spot, and turn it into something else...

New Zealand puts its law on a wiki for public editing
Topic: Technology 6:05 pm EDT, Sep 26, 2007

The New Zeland police have launched a wiki open at anyone wanting to edit and make suggestions to the Police Act as part of a wider revamp. New Zealand's current Police Act is nearly 50 years old. In March 2006 a review undertaken. Following this a new website has been launched to allow people to suggest wording for the new Policing Act. It uses similar wiki technology to the popular user-generated site Wikipedia. The wiki version of the Policing Act will be viewed by New Zealand parliamentarians, before an official bill is introduced into Parliament.

Via BoingBoing!

New Zealand puts its law on a wiki for public editing

How to open Microsoft Office 2007 Product Box
Topic: Technology 5:42 pm EDT, Sep 26, 2007

Okay, so a customer of mine HAD to install Outlook (in order to sync his stuff to his iPhone, which conveniently enough does not work with any other mail software, apparently). Anyway, Microsoft has a funky package design and we couldn't figure out how to open it without using enough force to break the disc inside (an x-ray machine and band-saw were unavailable at the time.) So, while we played with the Rubik's cube, we called Microsoft technical support just to screw with them (we did figure it out before they did) but they eventually sent us this Flickr page showing how to do it.

It feels good to know we weren't the only ones, but was also nice that they only transferred us twice and none of them really knew either. For that matter, they probably never handled the product.

Anyway, I wish they would stop trying to make cool packages like Apple, and just make programs that work right. We're two hours into the installation now...

How to open Microsoft Office 2007 Product Box

Arthur Frommer Answers All of Your Travel Questions...
Topic: Society 5:34 pm EDT, Sep 26, 2007

Arthur Frommer took a round of questions on the Freakonomics blog. Questions include "If the dollar is declining, why aren't more foreigners visiting America?" and "Are there any places you don't list because you don't want to spoil them?" and "Where would you not want to travel?"

Arthur Frommer Answers All of Your Travel Questions...

Cool Storm Drain Graffiti
Topic: Arts 5:52 pm EDT, Sep 19, 2007

See also

Via Flickr
Via BoingBoing

Cool Storm Drain Graffiti

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