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Current Topic: Miscellaneous

What You need to know about Champix And Alcohol
Topic: Miscellaneous 10:03 am EST, Dec  2, 2011

Champix and alcohol can be a very dangerous mix. This is clearly included in the contraindications of the drug in its label but perhaps this needs to be clearly explained why alcohol and Champix do not mix. It is actually not new that a certain drug can have some very serious, adverse effects if taken with alcohol. Illegal drugs and alcohol is one example of this infamous combination. So do not be overly concerned if prescription drugs, in this case a smoking cessation drug, can also have some serious consequences if taken with alcohol. The active substance in Champix called Varenicline inhibits nicotine receptors in the brain. This makes Champix effective in reducing the pleasure smokers get from cigarettes. Any substance taken with Champix that can also have effects on the functioning of the brain (like alcohol) can heighten the risks of mental confusion.

Champix has a known side effect of causing weird dreams. This hallucinatory effect can be taken to a higher level when alcohol is added to the mix. It is very easy to overlook this especially if you are having a good time with your friends and incidentally forget about the stern warning of using the drug and at the same time consuming excessive amounts alcohol. There are increasing concerns over this as more and more Champix users are complaining about severe mental troubles with this mix. There are no clinical trials for the Champix and alcohol mix carrying with it more undiscovered risks. The latest headline that puts Champix in the spotlight is the death of a popular Champix-user musician. His death stemmed from him being increasingly violent and confused at the same time because of the drug and too much alcohol in his blood.
This can lead you to ask though if this is worth discrediting the drug once and for all and foregoing its use. You can of course choose to be more careful with your alcohol consumption. The fact is smoking and alcohol is a very dangerous mix all on its own. Why not use the drug to be free from nicotine dependence and work hard in kicking the habit of drinking at the same time that way you can live healthier and longer.

It is interesting to note that Champix can help you kick the habit of smoking in 12 weeks. That in itself is a good deal even with a simple caution on the side not to drink while on treatment. It is a fair compromise. You can choose to use Champix safely.

What You need to know about Champix And Alcohol

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