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RE: Biafra hits Nashvegas


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RE: Biafra hits Nashvegas
Topic: Local Information 1:11 pm EST, Mar 24, 2003

flynn23 wrote:
] Decius wrote:
] ] flynn23 wrote:
] ] ] Jello will be performing a spoken word engagement on
] ] Saturday
] ] ] afternoon at the Mercy Lounge (the Cannery). More details
] ] ] later.
] ]
] ] So, can we get a report on this? What was said?
] at the last minute, I decided not to go. The weather was too
] nice, the Wings/Avs game was too close, and I was cuddled up
] on the couch with my sweetheart. None of these things are
] sufficient foreplay for political rhetoric. That and the fact
] that scheduling a 4pm show on a Saturday is kinda lame.
] I was hoping someone else went.

I went. It was pretty long, I think it ran about 4 hours total. The majority of what I remember was from his latest spoken word album. Jello definately has a stage presence that you just have to see. He did his older "what passes for news in the US" bit where he talks about Time and Newsweek covers. It was fun to actually see him holding up the magazines while doing the bit. He also held up a "Tipper Rocks!" campaign swag item from some Democratic convention he got into. That bit was pretty damn funny.

He had a lot to say at one point about the blowback we can expect from what we're doing in the mideast. I tried to keep up but it went by pretty fast. He hit the bullet points about the warring factions and tribal relationships. I haven't heard that bit recorded anywhere before. He's been doing his homework on this though. Interesting to note that while he was discussing this the showmanship was gone, he wasn't looking down at his papers. He was pretty somber when discussing the blowback.

I brought my MD out but I only got the last couple hours or so, I'll encode it at some point and share. Words were spoken at the end that we should become the media. I can't agree more.

RE: Biafra hits Nashvegas

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