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Current Topic: International Relations

Key Pakistani Is Said to Admit Atom Transfers
Topic: International Relations 8:55 am EST, Feb  2, 2004

The founder of Pakistan's nuclear weapons program, Abdul Qadeer Khan, has signed a detailed confession admitting that during the last 15 years he provided Iran, North Korea and Libya with the designs and technology to produce the fuel for nuclear weapons.

Dr. Khan's admission amounts to one of the most complex and successful efforts to evade international controls to stop nuclear proliferation.

... insisted that the country's military and intelligence officials had been unaware of Dr. Khan's activities during the past decade, despite the huge houses and lavish life he maintained on a relatively modest government stipend.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you ... your super-empowered man.

Key Pakistani Is Said to Admit Atom Transfers

Pakistan's Nuclear Responsibility
Topic: International Relations 3:18 pm EST, Jan 31, 2004

All the links in this reckless supply chain -- commercial, military or political -- must be uncovered and severed.

... an intricate underground network ...

Musharraf is currently under attack from several directions and barely escaped two recent assassination attempts. Even so, Washington must insist that he not flinch from his responsibility ...

Pakistan's Nuclear Responsibility

Bush Backs Away From His Claims About Iraq Arms
Topic: International Relations 9:30 am EST, Jan 28, 2004

"I think it's very important for us to let the Iraq Survey Group do its work, so we can find out the facts and compare the facts to what was thought."

"We're seeking all the facts."

Bush Backs Away From His Claims About Iraq Arms

Partnership, Under Construction
Topic: International Relations 2:04 am EST, Jan 27, 2004

The United States and Russia cooperate to mutual benefit, in part, because our interests coincide.

But our ability to cooperate rests, too, on trust, which President Bush and President Putin have labored tirelessly to build.

The knee-jerk antagonism of the past is behind us. We can now deal effectively with even the most difficult issues between us. We are friends now, and we can speak frankly to each other as only true friends can.

Colin Powell published this op-ed article in Russian newspaper Izvestiya on Monday. It is short and well worth the read -- Powell at his best.

Partnership, Under Construction

Digging for Weapons
Topic: International Relations 12:36 am EST, Jan 26, 2004

We had questions that needed to be answered.

What was it: 500 tons, 100 tons or zero tons?

Was it so many liters of anthrax, 10 times that amount, or nothing?

What we demanded of Iraq was that they account for all of this and they prove the negative of our hypothesis."

Just listen.

(Follow the "Digging for Weapons" link. Let me know if this is not working for you; some people reported problems.)

Digging for Weapons

Think Again: Neocons, by Max Boot | Foreign Policy
Topic: International Relations 10:04 am EST, Jan 25, 2004

A cabal of neoconservatives has hijacked the Bush administration's foreign policy and transformed the world's sole superpower into a unilateral monster.

Say what?

In truth, stories about the "neocon" ascendancy -- and the group's insidious intent to wage preemptive wars across the globe -- have been much exaggerated. And by telling such tall tales, critics have twisted the neocons' identities and thinking on US foreign policy into an unrecognizable caricature.

Think Again: Neocons, by Max Boot | Foreign Policy

George Soros, Bubble Book Boy
Topic: International Relations 10:00 am EST, Jan 25, 2004

On January 12, George Soros, investor and philanthropist, launched his new book, The Bubble of American Supremacy: Correcting the Misuse of American Power, with a speech and discussion at the Carnegie Endowment.

Soros: "I have never been involved in party politics but I am deeply disturbed by the direction America has taken under President Bush. It is not a matter of party politics or personal animosity against President Bush. I consider it crucial that the policies of the Bush administration be rejected in the forthcoming elections. Let me explain why."

"2004 is not an ordinary election; it is a referendum on the Bush doctrine. The future of the world hangs in the balance. That is the other point that I want to make; it is not enough to defeat President Bush. We must also develop and adopt a more constructive vision."

You can read a transcript of the speech, or you can download an MP3 of the introduction, speech, and discussion.

George Soros, Bubble Book Boy

Pakistan Chief Says It Appears Scientists Sold Nuclear Data
Topic: International Relations 1:55 pm EST, Jan 24, 2004

"... a situation in which the denials no longer hold up ..."

Musharraf continued to insist that the government was not involved in the sales, portraying the actions as the efforts of corrupt scientists. American officials, however, are clearly skeptical of those claims.

American officials say they are uncertain why General Musharraf is now moving against the scientists. They suggested in recent interviews that the evidence has become so overwhelming that he has begun to fear the reimposition of sanctions by Congress. But they also suggest that he may be trying to reassert his power, demonstrating that he will not be intimidated by critics who say he has warmed up too much to the United States, both in the hunt for Al Qaeda terrorists and in Washington's demands to clamp down on proliferation.

More revealing details about the motivations behind the deal with Libya. We get irrefutable proof of Pakistani complicity, which then forces Musharraf to take action against those responsible. This incites the hardliners, and Musharraf is forced to engage them. Which leads us to bin Laden.

There are links, and then there are links.

Pakistan Chief Says It Appears Scientists Sold Nuclear Data

Why Libya Gave Up on the Bomb
Topic: International Relations 2:27 am EST, Jan 23, 2004

By linking shifts in Libya's behavior to the Iraq war, the president misrepresents the real lesson of the Libyan case. This confusion undermines our chances of getting countries like Iran and Syria to follow Libya's lead.

... Until the president is willing to employ carrots as well as sticks, he will make little headway in changing Iranian or Syrian behavior. The president's lack of initiative on this point is especially disappointing.

... and now you know the rest of the story.

Why Libya Gave Up on the Bomb

Pakistan Questions 8 Linked to Nuclear Program
Topic: International Relations 12:40 pm EST, Jan 19, 2004

Authorities in Pakistan are questioning eight officials from its nuclear weapons program regarding allegations that nuclear weapons technology was shared with Iran.

In an interview this week, relatives of one scientist who has been in detention for more than a month, Farooq Muhammad, bitterly accused the government of using low-level scientists as scapegoats to appease the United States. They said that they did not believe the American charges of Pakistani proliferation and that they feared that Mr. Muhammad was in American custody.

Officials at the American Embassy in Islamabad declined to comment. Pakistani officials said Dr. Farooq was in Pakistan.

Arresting al Qaeda suspects is one thing. But this feels more like a shakedown than a crackdown.

Apparently someone issued a memorandum calling on Musharraf to produce "quantitative results." So, now every headline about Pakistan includes a number. Problem solved.

Pakistan Questions 8 Linked to Nuclear Program

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