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Current Topic: Software Development

The history of War FTP Daemon
Topic: Software Development 11:39 pm EDT, Sep  7, 2004

Every piece of software has a history. Here is warftpd's tale.

In 1995, I needed a FTP server ... At this time however, the goal was to make a server for my own needs.

On March 25 1996, I announced the first alpha version on the alt.winsock newsgroup. I got lots of response! After the initial alpha release, I got tons of suggestions, bug-reports, and help with technical issues. In a very short time, the project changed from a very simple application to fit my needs, to a powerful, flexible FTP server. Lots of people dedicated a lot of their spare time to test the new versions, and contributed with well thought out suggestions.

If I should mention just one significant contributor from the early days, I cannot get around giving credits to Jeremy.

I just found this article through Google, and had to share ... (Thanks to Jarle for remembering.)

The history of War FTP Daemon

Mozilla 1.7 Beta
Topic: Software Development 12:04 am EST, Mar 24, 2004

A new Mozilla beta is now available. "It's slightly faster ... to the max!"

The most useful new feature is actually a counter-counter measure:

A new option to prevent sites using Javascript to block the browser's context menu.

Those in the know call them CCM techniques -- not to be confused with Stacie Orrico.

Mozilla 1.7 Beta

Urban Simulation Team
Topic: Software Development 12:30 am EST, Mar 11, 2004

The Urban Simulation Team @ UCLA is a long-term effort to build a real-time virtual reality model of the entire Los Angeles basin for use by architects, urban planners, emergency response teams, and government entities.

The Team has already finished major sections of the city including downtown, the Pico Union district, El Pueblo, Mid-Wilshire, Wilshire-"Miracle Mile", LAX, Westwood, UCLA, Hollywood Blvd. and Vine St., MacArthur Park, Playa Vista, and a portion of South Central.

When completed, the entire Virtual Los Angeles model will cover an area well in excess of 10,000 square miles and will elegantly scale from satellite images to street level views accurate enough to allow the signs in the windows of the shops and the graffiti on the walls to be legible. The finished model is estimated to exceed 1 terabyte in size and will be maintained on a large multi-client server that will allow multiple simulation clients to fly, drive and/or walk through the Virtual LA Model simultaneously.

Urban Simulation Team

Topic: Software Development 12:02 am EST, Dec 17, 2003

The dashboard is a piece of software which performs a continous, automatic search of your personal information space to show you things in your life that are related to whatever you happen to be doing with your computer at the time.

While you read email, browse the web, write a document, or talk to your friends on IM, dashboard does its best to proactively find objects that are relevant to your current activity, and to display them in a friendly way.

We call the dashboard an "association engine."


Social Software Alliance
Topic: Software Development 11:08 am EDT, Apr 20, 2003

We propose a trade group of social software developers and other interested parties who work together to create and promote open standards for the social software community. Social software blends tools and modes for richer online social environments and experiences. Some examples of social software are weblogs, wikis, forums, chat environments, or instant messaging, and related tools and data structures for identity, integration, interchange and analysis.

Social software is a dynamic and constantly evolving environment, rich with possibilities to create better connections between people. With a growing number of active developers, we need a central nexus to help drive the process of coordination and interoperability between different developers' products.

Founding members include Ross Mayfield, Clay Shirky, and David Weinberger. Howard Rheingold also participated in the most recent Happening.

Social Software Alliance

Do Cheaters Ever Prosper? Just Ask Them
Topic: Software Development 1:33 am EST, Mar 27, 2003

Peter Wayner, the author of _Disappearing Cryptography_, writes about online gaming in the New York Times.

An arms race is underway ... Bots can do drudge work to earn extra cash for their owners; video cards can be reprogrammed to let players see and attack through walls; and much more.

It's all here ... black markets, weapons inspections, test bans, treaty verification regimes ...

There's probably some good academic work in this space. Can you design a provably fair massively multiplayer online game?

Do Cheaters Ever Prosper? Just Ask Them

Emerging Technology: Who Loves Ya, Baby?
Topic: Software Development 7:42 pm EST, Mar 15, 2003

This feature article by Steven Johnson appears in the April 2003 issue of Discover magazine. It's about Valdis Krebs and his InFlow software for visualization of social networks.

Emerging Technology: Who Loves Ya, Baby?

People Browser
Topic: Software Development 2:12 am EST, Feb 17, 2003

This people browser groups the CHIplace members by the CHI roles specified in their user profiles. It uses the number of roles in common as a similarity measure. After grouping the members into similar clusters, a spring model places the clusters in two dimensions.

People Browser

Scopeware Vision Beta
Topic: Software Development 5:39 am EST, Nov 12, 2002

Vision is a powerful new desktop information management solution that provides a unique approach for finding and organizing your files and email.

Vision works in real-time, behind the scenes, and locates all the information on your PC ... When you need to find information, search using any word or phrase contained in the file. Vision presents you with all the relevant information ...

Vision will change the way you work with your computer. Finally, your files and email will be organized and easy to access. Vision will manage all your information, so you don't have to.

David Gerlernter has produced a remembrance agent for Windows.

Scopeware Vision Beta

NewsSeer: A Recommender System for Breaking News
Topic: Software Development 2:09 pm EST, Nov  5, 2002

NewsSeer news monitoring and profiling service. NewsSeer locates recent news articles and current events that match your interests.

NewsSeer is a project of Steve Lawrence, the creator of CiteSeer. It's a news search engine (somewhat like Google News), but it also improves with time by incorporating feedback from users. You can build a profile and explicitly rate stories and news sources; there is also implicit feedback.

NewsSeer: A Recommender System for Breaking News

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