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Current Topic: Intellectual Property

Alan Greenspan on Intellectual Property Rights
Topic: Intellectual Property 2:08 am EST, Mar  2, 2004

If our market system is to function smoothly, the vast majority of trades must rest on mutual trust ...

The shift of emphasis from physical materials to ideas as the core of value creation appears to have accelerated in recent decades.

New ideas almost invariably build on old ideas in ways that are difficult or impossible to trace.

Ideas are at the center of productivity growth.

Understanding the interplay of ideas and economic growth should be an area of active economic analysis.

MemeStreams is a core Internet technology.

Alan Greenspan on Intellectual Property Rights

Report Raises Questions About Fighting Online Piracy
Topic: Intellectual Property 1:54 am EST, Mar  2, 2004

"These problems require clear, concentrated thinking, rather than quick legislative or regulatory action."

"Bits are not the same as atoms. We need to reframe the legal discussion ... in a more thoughtful way."

Jack Valenti: "Stifle innovation -- that's malarkey."

Report Raises Questions About Fighting Online Piracy

Promoting Innovation and Economic Growth: The Special Problem of Digital Intellectual Property [PDF]
Topic: Intellectual Property 1:46 am EST, Mar  2, 2004

Promoting Innovation and Economic Growth: The Special Problem of Digital Intellectual Property, a new CED policy statement is now available.

The statement includes an overview of copyright law and business innovation, as well as recommendations for overcoming the challenges inherent in digital media.

Developing and testing new business models is a central recommendation set forth by the CED statement.

Promoting Innovation and Economic Growth: The Special Problem of Digital Intellectual Property [PDF]

The Tyranny of Copyright?
Topic: Intellectual Property 2:15 am EST, Jan 25, 2004

The DMCA is one of several recent laws that regulate intellectual property and are quietly reshaping the culture.

... intellectual property law can now be found at the center of major disputes in the arts, sciences and politics.

In less than a decade, the much-ballyhooed liberating potential of the Internet seems to have given way to something of an intellectual land grab, presided over by legislators and lawyers for the media industries.

"We are at a moment in our history at which the terms of freedom and justice are up for grabs."

"I think it is good to have a price tag attached to each use because it tells producers what consumers want; it lets them vote with their purchase for the kinds of culture they want."

The Tyranny of Copyright?

Music Fans Find Online Jukebox Half-Empty
Topic: Intellectual Property 1:13 pm EST, Jan 19, 2004

Fans who venture onto any of the pay music sites will not find the most popular band ever.

EMI's biggest act, the Beatles, remains intransigent. EMI has held numerous meetings with Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono and the rest of the tight group that controls perhaps the most-loved songs in the pop canon.

So far the group remains unswayed.

Online music is a bit like a large, disorganized used bookstore. If you go in trying to find one thing in particular, you will be frustrated. But if you just go in and look around, something is bound to strike your fancy.

Music Fans Find Online Jukebox Half-Empty

Online Music Piracy Plummeted in 2003
Topic: Intellectual Property 9:41 am EST, Jan  5, 2004

The percentage of online Americans downloading music files on the Internet has dropped by half and the numbers who are downloading files on any given day have plunged.

The latest survey results from the Pew Internet & American Life project indicate that people are running scared.

Online Music Piracy Plummeted in 2003

Analysis of Security Vulnerabilities in the Movie Production and Distribution Process
Topic: Intellectual Property 9:25 pm EST, Dec 23, 2003

Our research attempts to determine the source of unauthorized copies by studying the availability and characteristics of recent popular movies in file sharing networks.

77% appear to have been leaked by industry insiders; consumer DVD copying currently represents a relatively minor factor compared with insider leaks.

We analyze the movie production and distribution process, identify potential vulnerabilities, and offer recommendations.


We hope you have enjoyed this tour through evidence of successful insider attacks against the movie industry and will be well equipped to watch out for it in future with utmost vigilance. The alert amongst you will already have discovered how to replicate all the observations made on this page in order to verify our results. We believe that analyses such as ours that have important consequences for policy and technology should be verifiable independently and encourage our readers to partake in this activity.

Lorrie Faith Cranor is a co-author of this paper published in the proceedings of the 2003 ACM Workshop on DRM.

Analysis of Security Vulnerabilities in the Movie Production and Distribution Process

Participants' Distrust Exposed in Piracy Battle
Topic: Intellectual Property 9:51 pm EST, Dec 22, 2003

The gulf between the labels and the companies behind Kazaa, Blubster and other file-sharing networks seems as wide -- and impossible to bridge -- as ever.

Cary Sherman: "It reminds me of negotiating with the mob. 'If you just pay us some insurance, your storm window won't break anymore.' There's an emotional reaction to that."

File sharing executive: "... we're dealing with a bunch of idiots."

Memo to Santa: these two need to find copies of "How To Win Friends ..." in their stockings.

Allow me to cite one of Powell's Rules: Avoid having your ego so close to your position that when your position falls, your ego goes with it.

Participants' Distrust Exposed in Piracy Battle

Quiz: Color Preferences
Topic: Intellectual Property 1:07 am EST, Dec 14, 2003

I understand that in Canada, peer to peer music downloads are now legal.

Is it also legal to answer extremely long, simple, online questionnaires?

Quiz: Color Preferences

Canadian Ruling on Web Music
Topic: Intellectual Property 1:42 pm EST, Dec 13, 2003

Downloading copyrighted music from peer-to-peer networks is legal in Canada, although uploading files is not.

The Copyright Board of Canada imposed a government fee of as much as $25 on iPod-like MP3 players. The money collected from levies goes into a fund to pay musicians and songwriters.

Coming up next week on "The Illogical Canadian", legal experts will attempt to explain a new ruling that makes it legal to use stolen credit cards, although actually stealing the cards in the first place remains a felony.

Canadian Ruling on Web Music

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