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RE: Trust Management: First International Conference


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RE: Trust Management: First International Conference
Topic: Technology 11:22 am EST, Mar 23, 2004

Jeremy wrote:
] lclough wrote:
] ] Jeremy wrote:
] ] ] This conference was held in Greece in May 2003. There are
] ] ] several papers of interest, including:
] ] ]
] ] ] Architecture and Algorithms for a Distributed
] Reputation
] ] ] System
] ] ]
] ] ] Hardware Security Appliances for Trust
] ] ]
] ] ] Trust Management Tools for Internet Applications
] ] ]
] ] ] Simulating the Effect of Reputation Systems on E-markets
] ] ]
] ] ] Trust Propagation in Small Worlds

] ]
] ] I'm looking for academic research pertaining to social
] ] networks and reputation algorithms within p2p systems, and
] ] rememebered this meme'd link. This should've been a real
] good
] ] starting point, but the link now stops at the SpringerLink
] ] homepage. Can you remember anything equivalent?
] You can access the table of contents for this conference at
] the following URL:
] 9743&volume=2692
] You'll still need access to Springer Link (usually through a
] university or corporate library subscription) in order to
] download the full text electronically. Many research
] libraries also subscribe to the hard copy edition of LNCS.
] You can access Internet web sites related to this conference
] at
] iTrust 2003 - Program
] iTrust 2004 - Call for Papers

That's great -- thanks! What I'm looking for primarily is the list of authors. Trying to identify the "graybeards" in this area. In an academic setting the memes tend to cluster around schools of thought associated with individuals. An active researcher will have a lot of versions of his/her research concepts. Some of those papers will be hanging off their web page, or free repositoreis (like citeseer) or digital repositories for which I have a subscription.

Of course, if you know who the leading lights are in the field are, I could skip a some of those steps.

RE: Trust Management: First International Conference

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