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Indeed the stars in the sky and their constellations no longer shine

Books: The Paradox Of Choice: Why More Is Less
Topic: Society 8:50 pm EDT, Apr 22, 2005

] Like Thoreau and the band Devo, psychology professor
] Schwartz provides ample evidence that we are faced with
] far too many choices on a daily basis, providing an
] illusion of a multitude of options when few honestly
] different ones actually exist.

This is something that Negativland has been saying for a long
time, actually...

Books: The Paradox Of Choice: Why More Is Less

The Muslim Ghetto
Topic: Society 5:30 pm EDT, Apr 16, 2005

"Why do they hate us?" Americans have been asking that question about Muslims since the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks. And now a growing number of Muslims in America are asking the same question about their fellow Americans.

Nearly half of all Americans believe the US government should restrict the civil liberties of Muslim Americans.

27 per cent of 1,000 respondents supported requiring all Muslim Americans to register their home addresses with the federal government. In addition, 29 per cent believed undercover agents should infiltrate Muslim civic organisations.

Efforts to convince Muslims not to hate Americans need to be combined with efforts to convince Americans not to hate Muslims.

The Muslim Ghetto

Toward a Revolution in Intelligence Affairs
Topic: Society 5:29 pm EDT, Apr 16, 2005

As the global war on terrorism continues to expand and the post-Cold War security environment remains in flux, both the strengths and weaknesses of U.S. intelligence have been thrust into the public spotlight. The author advances the argument that a “Revolution in Intelligence Affairs” is needed to prepare the Intelligence Community to meet its future challenges. In this report, she presents a framework for how the United States should consider specific changes to its intelligence enterprise to improve its effectiveness.

Toward a Revolution in Intelligence Affairs

oh baby, copy it deep!
Topic: Miscellaneous 5:28 pm EDT, Apr 16, 2005

Copy Constructors you are the thorn in my side. I spent nearly half an hour tracking done something that should have been apparent right way:

If you have an object, which contains pointers to dynamic memory, adding to a vector (or any STL container) does a shallow copy! I needed a deep copy. I had some temp objects I was creating only to add them to an array, and then destory them. When they were destroyed, they would free the memory the object in the vector still referenced.

Segmentation Fault

... sigh... at least its all billable hours.

oh baby, copy it deep!

Scientific conference falls for gibberish prank. 15/04/2005. ABC News Online
Topic: Miscellaneous 5:24 pm EDT, Apr 16, 2005

] Jeremy Stribling said that he and two fellow MIT graduate
] students questioned the standards of some academic
] conferences, so they wrote a computer program to generate
] research papers complete with nonsensical text, charts
] and diagrams.

Scientific conference falls for gibberish prank. 15/04/2005. ABC News Online

Workshop on Ground and Air Military Robots
Topic: Military Technology 9:28 pm EDT, Apr  9, 2005

U.S. Army Goal: To build intelligent autonomous systems as combat multipliers.

Future combat systems will require operators to control and monitor aerial and ground robotic systems and to act as part of larger teams coordinating diverse robotic systems over multiple echelons.

The major goal of the workshop was to identify the most important human-related research and design issues from both the engineering and human factors perspectives and to develop a list of lessons learned and fruitful research directions.

You can download this book in PDF for free.

It's a huge download.

Workshop on Ground and Air Military Robots

Robot translators decipher mountains of enemy messages
Topic: Miscellaneous 8:01 pm EDT, Apr  4, 2005

] The time for robot translators has arrived, according to
] a panel of language specialists at a meeting of the
] American Association for the Advancement of Science in
] Washington last month.

An interesting status point in the state of Machine Translation.

Robot translators decipher mountains of enemy messages

ABC News: Computers Obeying Brain Signals
Topic: Miscellaneous 7:57 pm EDT, Apr  4, 2005

] ALBANY, N.Y. Apr 3, 2005 %u2014 Researchers and
] volunteers around the world are taking early steps toward
] a complex but straightforward technological goal: to use
] electrical signals from the brain as instructions to
] computers and other machines, allowing paralyzed people
] to communicate, move around and control their environment
] literally without moving a muscle.

The reporter describes participating in a demonstration of this technology.

ABC News: Computers Obeying Brain Signals

All you can't eat | Economist
Topic: Health and Wellness 7:53 pm EDT, Apr  4, 2005

Even a slight decrease in calories may lead to longer lifespans.

It may be possible to have, as it were, your cake and eat it too. Or, at least, to eat 95% of it.

A new study suggests that significant gains in longevity might be made by a mere 5% reduction in calorie intake.

Cutting just a few calories overall, but feeding intermittently, may be a more feasible eating pattern for some people to maintain than making small reductions each and every day.

All you can't eat | Economist

NNDB: Tracking the entire world
Topic: Miscellaneous 7:51 pm EDT, Apr  4, 2005

] NNDB is an intelligence aggregator that tracks the
] activities of people we have determined to be noteworthy,
] both living and dead. Superficially, it seems much like a
] "Who's Who" where a noted person's curriculum vitae is
] available (the usual information such as date of birth, a
] biography, and other essential facts.)
] But it mostly exists to document the connections between
] people, many of which are not always obvious. A person's
] otherwise inexplicable behavior is often understood by
] examining the crowd that person has been hanging out
] with.
] Eventually, we will have synopses and analyses of
] creative works by the people in the database, including
] their books, films, and recordings.

Soylent productions, the folks behind Rotten, have a kind of IMDB for everyone site going on. I am surprised by the quality and breadth of the database. Good times

NNDB: Tracking the entire world

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