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... the only people sadder than the sandwich people are "the poo people". -Bruce Mcculloch
Topic: Humor 12:31 pm EDT, Oct 24, 2003

] Q. What is Engrish?
] A. Engrish can be simply defined as the humorous English
] mistakes that appear in Japanese advertising and product
] design.

Be sure to check the clothing section ...

The Google random picture generator
Topic: Miscellaneous 9:37 am EDT, Oct 24, 2003

This webpage will redirect you to a Google image search using a random search term based on the filename scheme used by many popular digital cameras. What results is the most random, random sampling of pictures.

It's like looking through other peoples' photo orders at Sam's Club!

The Google random picture generator

Michael Moore - Dude, Where's My Country Excerpt
Topic: Miscellaneous 9:45 am EDT, Oct 23, 2003

] What is the worst lie a president can tell?
] "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss
] Lewinsky."
] Or ...
] "He has weapons of mass destruction -- the world's
] deadliest weapons -- which pose a direct threat to the
] United States, our citizens and our friends and allies."

a link to the full excerpt is available at the bottom of the page (after watching an ad }:-P )

Michael Moore - Dude, Where's My Country Excerpt

Josef Mengele Moves to Berkley
Topic: Miscellaneous 2:09 pm EDT, Oct 17, 2003

] Have you ever wondered why you vote the way you do? Why you
] adhere to a religion? Why you hold to a political philosophy?
] Well, our good friends at the University of Berkley have come up
] with an answer for this perplexing life question. Unfortunately,
] they only have the answer if you’re a conservative. The
] professors at Berkley have harnessed all their intellect and
] wisdom to conclude that you’re mentally ill! Their conclusions,
] published in the American Psychological Association's
] Psychological Bulletin is claimed to be drawn from “over fifty
] years of research literature about the psychology of
] conservatism.” The conservative psyche, they say, boils down to
] this:

] Fear and Aggression
] Dogmatism and intolerance of ambiguity
] Uncertainty avoidance
] Need for cognitive closure
] Terror management

I can't really see anyone being surprised by these results.

Josef Mengele Moves to Berkley

General Rebuked For Talk Of God (
Topic: Society 10:28 am EDT, Oct 17, 2003

] He spoke of Islamic extremists hating the United States
] because "we're a Christian nation" and added that our
] "spiritual enemy will only be defeated if we come against
] them in the name of Jesus." He said that President Bush
] "is in the White House because God put him there," and
] that "we in the army of God . . . have been raised for
] such a time as this."
] Discussing a U.S. Army battle against a Muslim warlord in
] Somalia in 1993, Boykin told one audience: "I knew my god
] was bigger than his. I knew that my god was a real god
] and his was an idol."

grand. thanks for exemplifying exactly why we end up fighting these wars in the first place. other people enjoy it when you tell them the basis of their spiritual beliefs are a sham, and that they're all wrong. so wrong in fact, that they're satan worshippers, and we, "God's army" must cleanse them from the earth. sickening.

General Rebuked For Talk Of God (

Kids Play
Topic: Miscellaneous 10:11 am EDT, Oct 17, 2003

] Would today's tykes tolerate the classic games you grew
] up with? Kids do say the darndest things in this uncut
] version of an EGM article - now with a bonus game not
] included in the original story!

Kids Play

the derelict sensation
Topic: Miscellaneous 10:36 am EDT, Oct 16, 2003

] The derelict sensation invites contributions from anyone
] interested in derelict buildings or abandoned spaces.
] Visit our collection of photographs, writing, interviews,
] research, and viewpoints. Drama, film, site-specific and
] other art, photography, video art and music will be
] featured at live events.

the derelict sensation

Bruce McCulloch -
Topic: Miscellaneous 10:09 am EDT, Oct 16, 2003

Bruce is my funny cup of tea.

Bruce McCulloch -

Topic: Miscellaneous 3:01 pm EDT, Oct 15, 2003

The Current Mass Extinction:

Human beings are currently causing the greatest
mass extinction of species since the extinction of
the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. If present trends
continue one half of all species on earth will be
extinct in 100 years.

i don't think we'll change our ways until we have to.


Army Lt. Col. takes credit for astroturf
Topic: Current Events 1:31 pm EDT, Oct 15, 2003

]] In an e-mail to ABCNEWS today, the commander of the
]] battalion, Lt. Col. Dominic Caraccilo, said the
]] "letter-writing initiative" was all his idea.

]Spin, spin, spin....

I dunno, I could see handing college freshmen models of what their letters should look like and rather than put any effort into it, they just sign them and send them ...

Army Lt. Col. takes credit for astroturf

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