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Current Topic: Sports

It's Official: Dick Cheney Is The World's First Trillionaire!!:
Topic: Sports 2:51 pm EST, Mar 27, 2003

You can't spell AMERICA without O-P-P-R-O-T-U-N-I-T-Y!

] When asked what it felt like to control as much wealth as
] all of the world's GNPs combined excluding the U.S.,
] Cheney said, "Along with control of the U.S. armed forces
] that's a mighty big club and we at the PNAC (Project for a New American Century) have always
] been open about our desire to wield that club. Of course,
] we're bullshitting about rebuilding Iraq. I mean we'll get
] our companies in there so we can collect the money, but
] look at Afghanistan. We really haven't done shit except
] make the raw opium/heroin trade number one in the world
] again. Even Nightline can't cover it up. I mean look at
] our track record on that score. Say, Nicaragua or heaven
] forbid, South-East Asia. Listen up. After we destroy a
] country its recovery mimics what it was before we leveled
] it. The rest is State Department agitprop.
] "The good news is, we do plan to give the Palestinians
] their own state. The bad news is it's Haiti. Start
] packin', Haitians.
] "And through our Satanic/Miltonic quest for 'eternal war'
] we hope to provide security for Israel through perpetual
] region-wide conflict. We figure the Israeli people won't
] notice any difference.

It's Official: Dick Cheney Is The World's First Trillionaire!!:

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