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Reading Between the Links: An NYT Digest


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Reading Between the Links: An NYT Digest
Topic: Miscellaneous 5:23 am EDT, Aug 13, 2008

Is the oil business the new whaling business? And, if so, is that a good sign or a troubling one?

What about women’s gymnastics?

The performances are incredible and fearless, but it isn’t the athleticism that draws me in.

It’s not that they tippy-toe around either.

Mothers living near highways are more likely to give birth to preterm or low-birth-weight babies, but contrary to previous studies it found the association only in wealthy neighborhoods.

But minor drama is the lifeblood of suburbs.

Can all these often contradictory reports be right? Yes.

Who is buying Zunes, and why?

There are even those who suggest humanity should collectively decide to turn away from some new technologies as inherently dangerous.

And those who are obsessed have a whole new range of technological tools to indulge their obsession.

“Design stupidly produces more things, and for years I’ve spoken about the importance of living with fewer things. But my position is a little ambiguous.”

Americans are as addicted to bandwidth as they are to oil. The first step is facing the problem.

Elvis Presley’s most treasured performance costume, a peacock jumpsuit, was sold to an unidentified bidder on for $300,000. The white costume is decorated with an embroidered blue-and-gold peacock emblazoned on the back, with blue peacock feathers trailing down both flared pants legs.

Yes! That’s what I was experiencing, too. Those garish colors, that craziness and freedom, that painfully stark clarity about what was important and what was not.

One mother says: “We shouldn’t blame the Americans for everything. There is something wrong with us too.”

The American video game scene sorely lags behind other nations’ in generating and appreciating personalities who would be the field’s equivalent of Tony Hawk.

Researchers say strong feelings pro and con show in themselves that it will take a large study to see what, if anything, stretching really accomplishes.

“Some women are like a fine wine — they just get better with age.”

“You have to look at the length of those samples,” Mr. Doyle said in a phone interview.

But as with any product used to excess, consumers often wonder about the health consequences. And researchers readily oblige.

“I wish I could go down there more,” said Ms. Clark, the Palm Springs homeowner.

In various fields including neuroscience and education, research suggests that falling into a numbed trance allows the brain to recast the outside world in ways that can be productive and creative at least as often as they are disruptive.

So when 11 people died last weekend, among the questions being asked were: Was it worth it? And, should we still care about their exploits?

Almost every pleasure point came with a trade-off.

Dog eating, in any case, tends to be a seasonal pursuit.

Contact isolation is part of the battle plan to control the spread of drug-resistant organisms. And it is effective, as long as everyone complies.

If the sight of the apparently unprepared taking unnecessary risks clouded public sympathy, so probably did the unseemly rush afterward by some of them to tell their stories in public, burnishing their own reputations, claiming heroics and blaming others for what went wrong.

Somewhere, Viacom’s accountants are smiling.

Another culprit that is increasingly to blame is Detroit.

“We killed as many of them as we could,” he said. “But where are our friends?”

It was the question of the day.

Instead of moral clarion calls, literary novelists write profanity-laced satires of consumerism.

Then her boyfriend bought himself a natural wood ukulele. She started strumming it, and found it easy to play with little training.

It was a cosmetic change to be sure but one that seems to reflect a declining emphasis on the company’s roots.

“In a ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,’ ‘Will and Grace’ world, kids are coming out at a much younger age,” he said.

For some, the idea of consuming generic ice is enough to raise goose bumps and not the good kind.

It’s not so hard to imagine why he thought he could get away with it. What is baffling is why he thought talking about it on television would help.

The persistence of murder does not compel us to ignore burglary.

A gangster with a Mac-10 clearly beats a blogger with a MacBook — but only man to man, and only in the neighborhood.

The grimmest among the Georgians were the soldiers, haggard, unshaven and swinging their Kalashnikovs.

I’m working on a project. I’m taking photos of people who almost kill me.

And then I don’t. I find that I don’t need to. I put the key in the ignition and, as if some question I didn’t know I was asking has been answered, drive away from a house where I do not live.

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