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Terrorists terrorists terrorists terrorists terrorists terrorists terrorists.
Topic: Humor 2:16 am EDT, Oct 28, 2004

Is it possible to form a complete sentence from the word "Terrorists?"

Update: the URL linked here is no longer valid. Try these instead: [*, *]

Terrorists terrorists terrorists terrorists terrorists terrorists terrorists.

Hard Disk Drive Platters are Glass
Topic: Computers 9:53 pm EDT, Oct 27, 2004

k wrote:
] [ What i didn't know is that the platters were plastic (glass?).
] In all the harddrives i've ever opened, they were metal,
] presumably aluminum. -k]

The migration to glass platters began in the last decade. Further explanation is at


As technology advances, the gap between the heads and the platter is decreasing, and the speed that the platters spin at is increasing, creating more demands on the platter material itself. Uneven platter surfaces on hard disks running at faster speeds with heads closer to the surface are more apt to lead to head crashes. For this reason many drive makers began several years ago to look at alternatives to aluminum, such as glass, glass composites, and magnesium alloys.

It now is looking increasingly likely that glass and composites made with glass will be the next standard for the platter substrate. IBM has been shipping drives with glass platters for several years ...

Hard Disk Drive Platters are Glass

Americans Getting Taller, Much Heavier
Topic: Society 9:51 pm EDT, Oct 27, 2004

Americans are getting a little taller and a lot fatter.

Obesity, aided by poor diet and lack of activity, threatens to overtake tobacco use as the leading preventable cause of death.

"Everyone has a leaf blower. Ten years ago, people had rakes."

"What will happen with the next generation of adults is really scary."

An average 15-year-old boy weighed 135.5 pounds in 1966 and 150.3 pounds by 2002.

The full report is at

Americans Getting Taller, Much Heavier

Creationism and Science Clash at Grand Canyon Bookstores
Topic: Science 9:12 am EDT, Oct 26, 2004

A compilation of photographs, biblical quotations and essays published last year by Master Books, "Grand Canyon: A Different View" says God created the heavens and the earth in six days, 6,000 years ago, and that the canyon formed in a flood God caused in order to wipe out "the wickedness of man." The geology of the canyon proves it, the books' contributors say.

It is for sale at the six bookstores at Grand Canyon National Park.

Many people will assume any book sold in a Grand Canyon bookstore has the imprimatur of the Park Service.

Creationism and Science Clash at Grand Canyon Bookstores

In Search of the Right Model of Leadership
Topic: Politics and Law 9:07 am EDT, Oct 26, 2004

The flaw in David Brooks's analysis of two models of leadership is that it leaves out a third. Mr. Brooks depicts a public looking either to men of faith or to experts versed in the workings of government.

A third model of presidential leadership is found in traditions of a self-reliant, productive citizenry that doubts the ability of any leader to save us. This is the leadership that tackles tough issues in a collaborative way and rejects the rescuer role.

Such leaders are catalytic, tapping the talents of citizens and building democracy as a way of life, not just at election time.

John F. Kennedy provided an example in his challenge for Americans to "ask not what your country can do for you -- ask what you can do for your country." Things will get worse until we have leaders who again call us to the work of citizenship.

In Search of the Right Model of Leadership

How To Think About Public Diplomacy
Topic: Society 1:39 am EDT, Oct 26, 2004

This short paper is worth reading; there are some good thoughts here on some hard problems.

Increasingly, I find a certain confluence between the uninspired laziness of the American mass[ively] media^hocre and the weak-spiritedness of our public diplomacy.

Care should be taken in the labeling of adversaries so as not unintentionally to disparage those to whom the United States is trying to appeal. Whether there are circumstances in which intentional disparagement may be warranted remains an open issue.

The vituperative rhetoric of pre-prison Nelson Mandela stands in stark contrast to the modulated discourse of Martin Luther King.

Perhaps Mandela in his pre-imprisonment phase considered attaining the support of moderates to be so unlikely that the way to move forward was not through internal change, but through a greater polarization to galvanize the situation to crisis levels and thereby compel action from the international community.

The Middle East must be Born Again!

How To Think About Public Diplomacy

Get Your War On
Topic: Current Events 1:11 am EDT, Oct 26, 2004

"It's not like they beat the heck out of us."

        "We just haven't taken advantage of the opportunities we've had."

"You've got to get lucky, you've got to change your approach all the time."

        "We just need to get back to being aggressive."

"If you have a plan on how you're going to approach the opposition, and you execute consistently, then you're going to have success."

There it is ... that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

Get Your War On

the terror myth
Topic: Current Events 1:07 am EDT, Oct 26, 2004

The perceived threat is a politically driven fantasy -- and al-Qaida is a dark illusion.

Terror? What terror? We don't need to do anything. (Isn't there a game on, or something?)

the terror myth

John Gilmore: 'I'm Right, And You Know It!'
Topic: Society 1:02 am EDT, Oct 26, 2004

It's clear that freedom of speech also includes freedom to listen.

John Gilmore drops his rhetorical sledgehammer on TSA's pinhead, drawing on a century of Supreme jurisprudence to demonstrate the error of their ways.

He is, of course, absolutely right on point, but that does not excuse his extreme Constitutional fixation. John seems determined to prove the Wrongness of TSA's plan, and in the process totally misses (or ignores) the folly of it.

Russ Nelson promptly chimes in, echoing the nugget of wisdom proffered by a short pull on the cord of his Bruce Schneier talking plush doll. "Hey, guys -- it won't even work!" (We would have also accepted: "Security is a Process!")

The question we should ask ourselves is, What should we do?

John Gilmore: 'I'm Right, And You Know It!'

Google Desktop Search
Topic: Technology 5:43 pm EDT, Oct 24, 2004

It's a beta. It has limitations. For example, it won't index multiple disk drives on your system.

My fundamental complaint is that this product lacks the fundamental essence of Google. That is, it has no sense of link structure. It is a simple full text indexer. As many have already pointed out, existing products perform this function more effectively and with better and more complete system integration.

In time, they could migrate this product into a remembrance agent. That would present a good opportunity for Google's famed PhDs to demonstrate their supreme geekiness.

Here's to hoping ...

Google Desktop Search

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