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BGPlay - graphical visualisation of BGP updates
Topic: Technology 1:13 pm EDT, Jul  3, 2004

BGPlay is a Java application which displays animated graphs of the routing activity of a certain prefix within a specified time interval. Its graphical nature makes it much easier to understand how BGP updates affect the routing of a specific prefix than by analyzing the updates themselves.

BGPlay - graphical visualisation of BGP updates

Topic: Music 1:10 pm EDT, Jul  3, 2004

Moby and Public Enemy have teamed up for the single MKLVFKWR.

The track was written specially for Unity, The Official Athens 2004 Olympic Games Album compilation.

The music for MKLVFKWR was written by Moby while the lyrics were penned by Chuck D and Flavor Flav of Public Enemy.

Chuck D: "Working with Moby on this theme and project again shows that music can be a universal language of peace. Knowing his great work and concerns of the planet made this project one of like mindedness and world spirit."

Moby says of Public Enemy "I've always been a huge fan" and talking about the role of music and protest he states "we do still ostensibly live in a democracy, so my hope is that at some point the people will vocally rise up and let the current leaders know that they've had enough." Adds Chuck D: "The song is a request that being a citizen of the world should transcend nationality in the name of peace."


Bush's Winning Strategy
Topic: International Relations 12:51 pm EDT, Jul  3, 2004

The diplomatic corps, the think-tank johnnies and the rest of the commentariate went into their usual sky-is-falling mode.

In fact, the members of the sneering brigade had it backward.

Bush's Winning Strategy

Beit Sourik Village Council v. The Government of Israel [PDF]
Topic: Politics and Law 12:47 pm EDT, Jul  3, 2004

Our task is difficult. We are members of Israeli society. Although we are sometimes in an ivory tower, that tower is in the heart of Jerusalem, which is not infrequently struck by ruthless terror. We are aware of the killing and destruction wrought by terror against the state and its citizens. As any other Israelis, we too recognize the need to defend the country and its citizens against the wounds inflicted by terror. We are aware that in the short term, this judgment will not make the state's struggle against those rising up against it easier.

But we are judges. When we sit in judgment, we are subject to judgment. We act according to our best conscience and understanding. Regarding the state's struggle against the terror that rises up against it, we are convinced that at the end of the day, a struggle according to the law will strengthen her power and her spirit.

There is no security without law. Satisfying the provisions of the law is an aspect of national security. I discussed this point in HCJ 5100/94, the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel v. the Government of Israel, at 845:

"We are aware that this decision does make it easier to deal with that reality. This is the destiny of a democracy: she does not see all means as acceptable, and the ways of her enemies are not always open before her. A democracy must sometimes fight with one arm tied behind her back. Even so, a democracy has the upper hand. The rule of law and individual liberties constitute an important aspect of her security stance. At the end of the day, they strengthen her spirit and this strength allows her to overcome her difficulties."

That goes for this case as well. Only a separation fence built on a base of law will grant security to the state and its citizens. Only a separation route based on the path of law will lead the state to the security so yearned for.

Beit Sourik Village Council v. The Government of Israel [PDF]

Hong Kong at the Crossroads
Topic: International Relations 12:40 pm EDT, Jul  3, 2004

Hong Kong today is in a period of stress and uncertainty. Recent Chinese central government policies have raised anxiety in Hong Kong and created a threatening atmosphere. The risks to the future are considerable. The problems that have emerged could conceivably escalate and cause great difficulty for Hong Kong, serious economic and political setbacks for Beijing, and significant strains in US-China relations. All of this is somewhat surprising because only last fall there was an atmosphere in Hong Kong of remarkable good feeling toward the central government. Amicable resolution remains possible, and there have been preliminary hopeful signs in June 2004.

The testimony of William Overholt, presented to the House Committee on International Relations, Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific on June 23, 2004.

This article is an excellent study of the last decade in Hong Kong, from before the handover, through the Asian financial crisis, and up to the most recent demonstrations.

Hong Kong at the Crossroads

2,600 Flock to See an Exhibition of 'Real Human Bodies'
Topic: Science 12:37 pm EDT, Jul  3, 2004

One usually shies away from the dead, especially when they've been lying around for a while.

The grim curiosity with which people slow for accidents or sit through horror films does not normally extend to peeking at the innards of corpses, and yet on Friday more than 2,600 visitors flocked to the North American debut of an exhibition of 25 dissected bodies and dozens of human organs in various states of health, preserved by a process that makes them look like plastic.

"It's gross," said Cheyenne Barber, 9, although she was smiling when she said it.

Her cousin Kelsey Lien, 13, was more positive. "It's kind of cool," she said, "because they're, like, dead."

2,600 Flock to See an Exhibition of 'Real Human Bodies'

Marlon Brando, Oscar-Winning Actor, Is Dead at 80
Topic: Movies 12:33 pm EDT, Jul  3, 2004

Marlon Brando, the rebellious prodigy who electrified a generation and forever transformed the art of screen acting but whose obstinacy and eccentricity prevented him from fully realizing the promise of his early genius, died on Thursday at a Los Angeles hospital. He was 80.

Simply put, in film acting, there is before Brando, and there is after Brando. And they are like different worlds.

Marlon Brando, Oscar-Winning Actor, Is Dead at 80

Al Jazeera: Out-Foxing Fox
Topic: Media 12:21 pm EDT, Jul  3, 2004

The gulf between the American and Arab realities is the subject of "Control Room," a powerful documentary by Jehane Noujaim, an Egyptian-American. She looks at Al Jazeera's coverage of the war, offering a sobering reminder that there are multiple ways of perceiving the same events.

As U.S. Lt. Josh Rushing astutely notes in "Control Room," Al Jazeera is the Arab version of the Fox News Channel.

Al Jazeera: Out-Foxing Fox

Complex Adaptive Systems and Social Network Behavior
Topic: Local Information 12:48 am EDT, Jul  3, 2004

Business Network Topical Meeting: Complex Adaptive Systems and Social Network Behavior
New York, NY, September 21, 2004

Co-organized by Duncan Watts, SFI External Faculty, Columbia University and Ann Stagg, SFI. This one-day meeting will feature presentations on topics including individual decision-making, inter-personal influence and collective behavior. Speakers include: Jon Kleinberg, Cornell; Eric Johnson, Columbia; and Dan Goldstein, Columbia.

Note: This meeting will be held at Columbia University. To register contact Ann Stagg:

Complex Adaptive Systems and Social Network Behavior

The Best Defense, Brought To You By AT&T
Topic: Computer Security 9:44 am EDT, Jul  2, 2004

A new cyber-war is being waged and your network is on the front lines. Under the new rules of engagement, however, you should view your network not as the target, but rather your first line of defense.

The network's role in protecting the security of end-points and applications is often overlooked.

At AT&T, we believe that the best defense is a good offense.

Following on the heels of Nortel's exit from the telecommunications industry, AT&T positions itself as a network security specialist.

In the Best Network, the service provider cannot turn a profit on the network itself. Hence the migration toward "value-added" services such as "ethical hacking."

Has your most intimate of private databases been penetrated as an abject demonstration of your inherent corporate weakness? You will, and AT&T will bring it to you -- for a price.

The Best Defense, Brought To You By AT&T

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