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'Side of the House'
Topic: Miscellaneous 5:53 am EDT, May  3, 2007

Let me turn first to the Catholic side of the house. We'll come back later to the Fine Gael side of the house; eventually we'll also get to the Fianna Fail side of the house.

To lure customers to higher-speed services -- and keep them in the AOL tent -- the company wants to offer splashy content such as movies and music. But the Time Warner side of the house worries that releasing its valuable assets online could open the door to unauthorized use, diluting their value.

"We're on both sides of this," acknowledges Joe Cantwell, AOL Time Warner's vice president for broadband affiliate marketing. But Paul Kim, an analyst at Kaufman Brothers, a New York investment bank, says the company is straddling the fence while it waits for the murky issue of digital piracy to clear up.

Over on the hip-hop side of the house, every third artist is starting his own label. That's smart business.

I’ve worked with every big name in Toronto, from Anabolic Frolic, Silver1, Frisky, D-Minus, and Tyco, to Capital J, Rez-Q and Doublecross on the jungle side of the house.

The seven regional RBOCs had a need for design and development capability, so a goodly portion of the Bell Labs staff moved from the AT&T side of the house to the operating company side of the house, and became known as Bell Communications Research (Bellcore). That didn’t work too well.

I'm new to the web host and ISP side of the house. Got any advice? "Memorize polite phrases when a client blames you for their problems and yet you have to fix it anyway."

Meanwhile, Black Rod and Garter have moved to the spiritual side of the House ...

"Having our one aggressor squadron brings stability and consistency to the red air side of the house," said Capt. Ron Strobach, the 353rd CTS team chief.

"She has seen things on the enlisted side of the house that she hopes to improve."

One of the reasons some BI pros seem leery of PM is that it mostly originated on the financial side of the house.

"Men, on the other hand, take care of the technology side of the house."

"As the digital era continues to alter the industry, we’re seeing the walls between previously disparate functions beginning to crumble as the strengths of IT are increasingly relevant and needed in the creative side of the house," said Gabriele Di Piazza, managing director, media and entertainment, communications sector, Microsoft.

Computerised newsroom systems greatly improved the situation, at least for the text side of the house.

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