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Timeless Smarminess Is From Heaven
Topic: Miscellaneous 7:03 pm EST, Jan  1, 2008

In general, they say, it's best not to overdo something -- unless it's toile, which is "timeless," Sharkey says, and meant to be used all over the place.

Confetti was available for sale, which was meant to be "thrown all over the place" at midnight. This "confetti trashing" was a big hit last year and "everyone seemed to have a good time."

Your train of thought has definitely left the station.

Say what you will, but the Wii's demand will fade and people will be left wondering where all the exciting games are. Suffice it to say, this thing will forever be known as the fad of 2007.

Suffice it to say that with house prices sliding like children at recess and the pace of foreclosures almost certain to escalate in 2008, the sector's severe drag on the overall economy is unlikely to wane.

This train of thought prepares you for understanding that the small gang of AARP card-carrying grizzled faces and white mustaches that waits just on the other side of the windowless door, despite their flannel shirts, foam hats and belt buckle trophies, is gay.

Say what you will about the guy's music, but John Mayer's blog is actually kind of funny.

This is so mind-blowingly ridiculous I'll leave all of the smarminess to you guys to wipe up in the comments.

Say what you will about the smarminess of your average Starbucks ("And what might I get started for you?" "Well, something you'll finish, I hope."), the soy lattes are from heaven.

Costume designers Alisha Engle and Mark Spain are also top notch. "Our costumes are from heaven," Anderson sighs. "The detailing is beautiful. The women who sold donuts wear these exquisite red wooden shoes and we have people with doublets and things. The worst thing about being a playwright is that I don't get a costume!"

At night the clerks sometimes give Ballard the hot dogs and doughnuts that otherwise would be thrown out. In exchange, he looks out for female employees who work the late shift.

The Cowan family awakes to find a drunk stranger sleeping on their couch. Todd Biggie urinates on the carpet, eats a bag of miniature powdered doughnuts and tries to make breakfast on the stove before passing out on the couch.

“Say what you will about their relationship, but I don’t think she ever imagined he would do this to her,” a source close to Lohan said.

“We have also suggested the observation of a ‘National Shame Day’ every year to highlight the atrocities committed against women.”

Say what you will about the politics of the Iraq war, it seems beyond debate that homelessness among former servicemembers is a national shame.

The official interpretation of the event as a "national shame" is used in schools and propaganda to rally the Chinese behind their government.

"We buy so many cheap items from China, and it's taken away the quality, and the manufacturers know it," he said. "They know what we are - a throw-away society - and they exploit that. That's how they make their money." The shift in attitude from finding pride in creating quality products to "replacing pride with profits," is a national shame, Haworth said.

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