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Beeswax - Mind Your Own Beeswax
Topic: Technology 11:56 am EDT, Jul  5, 2008

Beeswax is an information management system inspired by Lotus Agenda. It aims to recreate Agenda's flexibility and efficiency in a clutter-free, text-based (ncursesw) user interface with vi key bindings. Beeswax views & reports will have specifications for sections, columns, filtering, and sorting.

Release v0.2.0 is a somewhat stable base of functionality on which the remaining features will be built. Since columns and custom views are not yet included, it is essentially Beeswax with just a single hierarchical view of all items.

The concept is that you have a database of information stored as individual items. Each item is a bit of information shown on the screen with a small bullet character at the beginning. In addition, each item can have a note attached to it to hold more extensive information. Notes are stored within the Beeswax database, but are edited by Beeswax launching your favorite text editor. When an item has a note attached, there is a small musical note displayed at the beginning of the item.

The Beeswax database has no predefined structure; instead, the structure is built up in a flexible manner as you work with the data. Each item of information can be assigned to zero or more categories. Categories are nothing more than items that have other items assigned to them. In Agenda, there was a separate distinction between items and categories, but in Beeswax I've generalized it even further and removed this distinction. If an item has other items assigned to it, then it is considered a category. On the other hand, if an item is assigned to more than one category, then it itself can not be used as a category.

The relationships between items of information are highly flexible. An item can be easily assigned to several different categories and the view immediately displays the new relationships. An item can just as easily be detached from categories. As you move items through Beeswax, their relationship to each other remains highly flexible.

The best way to understand all this is to get into Beeswax and start using it!

Beeswax - Mind Your Own Beeswax

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