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An Undomesticated, Unpredictable Wilderness


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An Undomesticated, Unpredictable Wilderness
Topic: Technology 7:53 am EST, Feb 27, 2012

Tom Vanderbilt:

Maybe the problem is not that texting and Facebook are distracting us from driving. Maybe the problem is that driving distracts us from our digital lives.

Simson Garfinkel:

It's impossible for a program to evaluate a previously unseen piece of software and determine whether it is malicious without actually running it.

Michel de Montaigne:

When I am playing with my cat, how do I know she is not playing with me?

Marco Arment:

Everyone has their bullshit. You can simply decide whose you're willing to tolerate.

Christopher Christenson:

Like most other websites popular among strange liberal druggies, at its core, Tumblr is a cult. You can't have a moral website with cats, that's an inherent contradiction. However, cats are extremely persuasive and have turned many people to the dark side.

George Dyson:

There will always be codes that do unpredictable things. This is why the digital universe will never be a national park; it will always be an undomesticated, unpredictable wilderness.

Computers are idle 99 percent of the time, just waiting for the next instruction. While they're waiting for us to come up with instructions, more and more computation is happening without us, as computers write instructions for each other. And as Turing showed mathematically, this space can't be supervised. As the digital universe expands, so does this wild, undomesticated side.

Steven at Panic:

Trying to make applications free of vulnerabilities (while still an important goal) is to lose the overall cat-and-mouse race.

Undersecretary of Commerce Mark Foulon:

It has become clear that Internet access in itself is a vulnerability that we cannot mitigate. We have tried incremental steps and they have proven insufficient.

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