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what do you do?
Topic: Miscellaneous 6:29 am EST, Jan 27, 2016

Barack Obama:

Will we respond to the changes of our time with fear, turning inward as a nation, and turning against each other as a people? Or will we face the future with confidence in who we are, what we stand for, and the incredible things we can do together?

Changes in our political process -- in not just who gets elected but how they get elected -- that will only happen when the American people demand it. It will depend on you. That's what's meant by a government of, by, and for the people.

I see you. I know you're there. I see your quiet, sturdy citizenship all the time.

I believe in you.

Rave Sashayed:

"What do you do?" "What do you do?" "What do you do?" "What do you do?" The question haunts you. Everywhere you go. Outside a brunch place you've never seen before, an infant in a $6000 stroller turns its giant head to you. What do you do? it asks with its eyes. Its mother gives it a piece of organic Swedish flatbread to gnaw on. "What do you do?" she asks you, tilting her head slowly like a bird. Her tone holds no real interest. It is as dead as the flatbread.

"What do you do?" you ask a baby. "Policy," it says in a grown man's deep voice.

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