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Current Topic: Miscellaneous

'The Last Thing I Want'
Topic: Miscellaneous 11:43 pm EDT, Sep 14, 2007

When I'm in bed the last thing I want to do is strain my eyes ...

"The last thing I want to do is cause a panic."

The last thing I want is to come across as a serious, stuffy bore.

Mostly, men urinate while we hear intriguing snippets of conversations ("I'm not a prude, but the last thing I want... ")

Obviously, I write this in the hope that none of them read this article -- the last thing I want to be doing is going and upsetting them and giving them any reason to want to get even with me!

The last thing I want is for you to feel uncomfortable with having to make policy decisions while "assholes" practice their First Amendment and speak out against the decisions you are allowing to be made or the flawed speeches lined with rhetoric you are allowing to go unchallenged at the expense of the lives of our American soldiers who will come home as veterans and live pitiful lives on the streets or in VA hospitals until they die.

The last thing I want to see is Hutu and Tutsi justifying themselves to continue to kill one another.

Wallowing is the last thing I want to do, but -- and you are going to have a hard time believing this -- the real problem is I have not been able to find anyone else willing to do it for me.

The last thing I want to do when I sit down at the end of the day is watch something with me in it.

But the last thing I want to say about this is it's not shocking that -- first of all, I think Senator Obama is entitled to express his view.

"Americans of all ages need to take a step back and re-evaluate the image they are trying to portray with their clothing. That being said, the last thing we need are more laws and ordinances."

"I leave for work really early and get home quite late and the last thing I want to be doing is splitting ... [ Read More (0.2k in body) ]

Topic: Miscellaneous 2:20 pm EDT, Aug  4, 2007

In the end, Madigan got into her vehicle and promptly drove into a dead end corner of the parking lot. Needless to say, the large crowd found it extremely amusing when she had to back up and drive through the crowd to get out of the parking lot.

There is something to be said of the obsessive snobbery of a collector, someone who gathers nicely shaped items in a series -- for a shelf, a lit cabinet, an overflowing brain.

Needless to say, he mercilessly pwned us.

It seems to us that there is something to be said for the idea that when America is at war, citizens, and especially political leaders, have a patriotic duty to put differences aside in the cause of victory.

Needless to say I woke the next morning with this big white bandage wrapped around my leg. Whoa! Where did my leg go? Is this really happening?

Some former geeks turn into phobes, just as puppies turn into old dogs, refusing to learn new tricks, even when the tricks would make their work or personal lives more productive or enjoyable. There's something to be said for the maxim, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." But this should be a decision-making process, not a knee-jerk resistance to change.

Milgrim is a code cracker and addict who is dependent on Brown, a violent man who might be with the CIA; their quarry, Tito, is Cuban-Chinese ("indeterminately ethnic") and a preternaturally limber young man whose family has roots in counterfeiting and intelligence: His actions are guided by the spirits of Santería. Needless to say, everyone's questing for the enigmatic shipping container, wherever it might be.

While we Nejedlos have always driven painfully slow, there's something to be said for never having spent time tossing rocks at soda bottles on the side of an American interstate waiting for a tow truck.

Needless to say, five minutes later ...

"There is something to be said about intimacy," the vice president of a sports marketing company, Premier Partnerships, Todd Walker, said. "People are willing to pay more for that experience."

This is, needless to say, ... [ Read More (0.3k in body) ]

Deja News - You've Seen It All Before
Topic: Miscellaneous 11:04 pm EDT, Aug  2, 2007

I was a college student when I saw "L'Avventura" for the first of many times, and it changed my life.

Rattle is facing an ocean of troubles that cannot be held back by lashings of charm and spin control.

“Are rainbow parties pretty common?” inquired a rapt Oprah, to which Burford replied, “I think so. At least among the 50 girls that I talked to…this was pervasive.”

Down at the cement factory, operations are supervised by a demonstrative young Turkish woman who favors skin-tight jeans, cowboy boots and strategically tight white blouses. Soldiers try to find an excuse to drop by.

I’ve decided to start prude-proofing myself via a series of daily micro-immersions in sex and violence.

"One bear will teach another bear, and then that bear will do it," he said. "There are bears that peel and bears that don't peel. We target peeling bears."

"There's nobody in the United States government whose job it is to find Osama bin Laden!" one frustrated counterterrorism official shouted. "Nobody!"

Speculators who bought overpriced condos in hope of a quick killing are going to get hosed.

Be polite, be professional, have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

Americans have this funny habit of confusing freedom, which they cherish, with choice, which can give them headaches.

The more people know who you are and what you're good at, the 'luckier' you're likely to be.

"No, I’m not going to be in this industry anymore. The industry's dying." He waited a beat, then added, "I'm going to sell drugs to junior high schoolers."

What appears to be wasted time is really jell time.

"I get heartbroken flying into L.A.," he said. "It's just this feeling of unspecific loss. Can you imagine what the San Fernando Valley was when it was all wheat fields? Can you imagine what John Steinbeck saw?"

Rapid modernization is likely to produce more short-term radicalism, not less.
This is not a trivial point.

"The young women who choose to wear the niqab, Mr. Rehman told me, are "rebelling against what their parents tell them to do, they’re trying to differentiate themselves."

In the long run, the "swarming" that really counts is the wide-scale mobilization of the global public.

"You are just increasing the size of the haystack."

Grieving over the lost establishment is pointless, and kind of sad. But in acceding so easily to the imperatives of the Internet, we've allowed decay to pass for progress.

NYT Sampler for 15 July 2007, Part VI
Topic: Miscellaneous 8:02 pm EDT, Jul 15, 2007

These are the cats and dogs I didn't use elsewhere.

In trying to mimic the feel of sporty downshifts, it ladles on ever-higher levels of regenerative hybrid braking. To the driver, the sludgy effect feels like throwing anchors of various sizes out the window.

If straphangers can choose between local and express service, why can’t motorists?

It all comes down to price.

"Victory is defeating Al Qaeda," Tony Snow said last week, because "Al Qaeda continues to be the chief organizer of mayhem within Iraq."

If you’re a shady seafood dealer trying to unload a container of dodgy shrimp or tilapia, chances are 98 in 100 it will make it into the United States.

The speculative risk of food-borne illnesses, especially parasites, has captured the public imagination. There are several reasons, however, that these fears are unfounded.

What we need isn’t more tuna, but a renaissance in American sushi; to discover for ourselves -- and perhaps to remind the Japanese -- what sushi is all about.

Consultants have encouraged a culture that deifies them ...

Are these advisers really as important as they would like us, and their clients, to think? Have they ever been?

If they had $1 million, they could generate a rough draft of a mammoth genome in about a month.

What the battle at the mosque seemed to reveal was how complex Pakistani politics is, and how far Islamist radicals are from gaining widespread popular support.

"Today, over all, patents don’t work; for the information technology industry especially, they don’t work," said James Bessen.

"You’re not going to be photocopying forever, so while you are, become queen of the paper jam," Ms. Dixson suggested.

"What happens when all this stock comes back on the market? ... [ Read More (0.4k in body) ]

It's Not That ...
Topic: Miscellaneous 12:27 am EDT, Jul  1, 2007

It's not that I don't have things to say, because on any day of the week, I usually have plenty to say about everything, it's just that do I have anything to say that all of you want to hear?

While we love Angelina and her classic Hollywood style any day of the week, we didn’t quite get the tan almond-toe pumps.

What's more, you only have to read the papers any day of the week to see that infidelity is a subject which preoccupies Britain.

It's not that the polygamy angle completely lost its allure, but ...

I don't care that the polygamy angle is supposed to provide us another example of the ways HBO pushes storytelling boundaries.

Seinfeld, promoting his new film Bee Movie, said of bees, "They have no crime, they have no drugs, they have no rape. A little rape, but it's not that bad."

"After the TV series, I didn't really want to do anything -- and I still don't," Seinfeld said Tuesday.

When Katzenberg asked Seinfeld, "Why bees?" the comic replied that he has long been impressed by their "organizational society."

Although the negative repercussions of an organizational society leap quickly to mind, the systemic consequences are not all negative.

In this way, the Artemis archetype represents a capacity for resisting the fall into 'Organization Man' (Whyte 1956) or the 'Organizational Society' (Presthus 1978), which uses patterns of rewards, sanctions and other inducements to achieve social conformity. Symbolic management (Berg 1986; Alvesson 1990) again represents an important ideological tool in the desire to inculcate images for social compliance and the internalization of corporate values and goals. The Artemis archetype, therefore, is important in the contemporary era for preserving individual integrity and difference.

It's not that prosecutors didn't know where Rico's body was -- it's in a landfill.

Roxanne Smith of the federal Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, D.C., said ... [ Read More (1.2k in body) ]

NPR : A Year's Montage of SoundClips
Topic: Miscellaneous 10:34 pm EDT, Jun  6, 2007

SoundClips is an occasional series from All Things Considered that collects the sounds that fascinate our listeners. From antique hit and miss engines (left) and large overhead cranes to defective ceiling fans and noisy dryers, we are interested in hearing what you are hearing.

On the first anniversary of our series, SoundClips, we present — for those who may have missed any of them or all of them — a compilation of all of the sounds from the series in alphabetical order.

NPR : A Year's Montage of SoundClips

'Drill Up'
Topic: Miscellaneous 6:23 am EDT, May 31, 2007

People seem to use this phrase in a lot of different ways ... the most common seem to be: step out/back, dream up, bring to mind/recall, promote.

"What it's not going to be is a publication with a whole bunch of reports in it," Burgess said, explaining that it would use a narrative style to appeal to a wide audience. Citing the Iraq Study Group report and the recommendations of the Sept. 11 commission as models, she said the SIR project would "drill up" to capture the full picture of reconstruction.

But I do believe that what will define the increased revenue growth as we drill up our assets will be that that we will provide a better customer experience for which customers will pay us.

I just had him drill up a Radical Inferno and he did my Fury ...

My existing flag holder was too small for the "modern" flag poles so we had to drill up a new one.

In a year in which certain people have tried their hardest to drill up hate against Muslims, what could be more appropriate ...?

Election posters and logos are being plastered all over the country to drill up enthusiasm for the elections ...

I bet I couldn't even pick that drill up now!

But what about Google’s drilling, "down, up and around" everyone else’s data!

Este soporta navegación basada en menú, drill up & down, ordenación, entre otras. Es 100% basado en Web, sin instalación en el cliente, sólo un navegador.

Drill up, drill down, drill by, and drill through?

I must confess to not be particularly interested in the topic. Its a tough and very real problem but one for which is easy to drill up sensationalist threat scenarios.

Information is presented through Axeda(R) Report and the new Axeda(R) Dashboard application, which provide rich displays and reports that highlight key performance indicators with drill-up, drill-down, and ... [ Read More (0.2k in body) ]

Topic: Miscellaneous 6:41 am EDT, May 29, 2007

"We are working very hard to go after the rogue elements or extremists of any flavor."

"Basically, it's turn-based, but we put some real-time flavor to it."

The organization [SCIRI] also intends to drop the word "revolution" from its name and hopes to ascribe to a name with a "bigger Iraqi flavor" to it.

The showdown in Finland today will have an Eastern European flavor after former communist bloc countries scored a near clean-sweep in the semifinal that ended in the early hours Friday.

"This training gives paratroopers a flavor of the task before they deploy so they don't lose the flavor if they have to do it later on," added Sgt. 1st Class V.K. Graf, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Brigade Combat Team.

Wolfowitz instead maneuvered and wheedled and stormed and generally distracted everyone from, you know, giving loans to poor countries. He negotiated a sweetheart deal for his sweetheart. When caught, he resorted to legal arguments that had a definite "that depends on what the meaning of 'is' is" flavor to them. What a maroon.

For Halliburton and other oilfield-services providers, it’s imperative to have more than just a local flavor, said Dan Pickering, an analyst at Pickering Energy Partners in Houston.

All of what's mentioned here, and there's a thick book of examples one could use with this Administration, seems to have a strong "One flew over the cuckoo's nest" flavor to it.

Brown's best hope is to build a very good and loyal team. But that means he must cut down the "ego" flavor in his words and begin talking more about "we" rather than "I."

The Turkish people filled the streets in protest when it appeared the religious fundamentalists were about to gain control. They understand something that the majority in America does not understand: that religious fundamentalist -- of all and any flavor -- are anti-intellectual, anti-science, anti-democratic morons.

While the daily senseless killings have not yet equated the carnage in some war-torn countries like Iraq and even Nigeria, where ethnic flavor often lead to thousands of death during th... [ Read More (1.0k in body) ]

When All Is Said and Done ...
Topic: Miscellaneous 11:02 pm EDT, May 23, 2007

A question I keep mulling over is...when all is said and done...what legacy do I want to leave behind?

When all is said and done, I'm certain I'll go back to blonde.

When all is said and done we must continue with the fight in our country to get freedom. We can't outsource our liberation to foreigners. We must be masters of our own destiny and the price of freedom is death! Give me freedom or give me death.

And probably, when all is said and done, the roots of this infatuation go back far beyond the birth of America.

Still, when all is said and done, macho people simply live more exciting lives. Just ask Jack Bauer.

“When all is said and done, though, I think we milbloggers will do just fine despite the changes,” he said. “After all, unless DoD comes out and says, ‘Thou Shalt Not Blog,’ we’re much more nimble than any office code in the Pentagon.”

As expensive as JWST might seem, Weiler said, when all is said and done it will cost roughly half of what NASA has spent on Hubble -- about $7 billion to $8 billion adjusted for inflation and measured according to the same accounting methods that govern Webb.

When all is said and done, the summer of 2007 will be known as the summer of the trilogy.

"But when all is said and done, the system that we're putting here in this region is going to be the best in the country."

And when all is said and done, enough candidates are likely to get enough slices of the huge delegate pie that several will be able to claim victory in one state or another on Feb. 5.

One of our greatest failures in my lifetime has been the failed policies of Iraq. I personally believe when all is said and done, it will haunt us more than Vietnam because of failures across the entire spectrum of American life.

WJLA was kind enough to remind us that Digestive Disease Week will have brought in $32 million to the District when all is said and done, in addition of course to the ... [ Read More (0.8k in body) ]

Now That You Mention It ...
Topic: Miscellaneous 8:55 pm EDT, May 20, 2007

Now that you mention it ... It's a deceptively powerful phrase, that off-hand remark. It suggests permission to proceed, subject broached, time to take off the gloves.

NOW THAT I think about it, there was something noteworthy that occurred at last week's Republican presidential debate.

"From the beginning, there has been evil in the world."

He added: "Pornography and violence poison our music and movies and TV and video games. The Virginia Tech shooter, like the Columbine shooters before him, had drunk from this cesspool."

Now that I think about it, we'll probably hear it from just about anyone who gets the nod.

In the Jersey City Salvation Army Home John J. Daggett walked in his sleep, walked through a second story window, fell to the ground, awoke. He walked upstairs, reported the accident, lit a cigaret. An ambulance surgeon saw smoke escaping from John Daggett's neck, found his windpipe had been nearly severed. Said Smoker Daggett: "Now that you mention it, I noticed I wasn't getting much out of this cigaret."

The central, vexing paradox of smoking: that in return for death, cigarettes give pleasure. Justifiable pleasure? Of course not. What Kant deemed "negative pleasure"? Perhaps. But pleasure nonetheless.

"I am really tired of the way red heads are portrayed, in literature, in movies, in advertising. Now that I think about it, every off beat, quirky, venal, sadistic, bad-tempered and lascivious character is a red head."

Gillian Anderson hates TV. I mean, she really hates it. Oh, to be good at something you hate. Wait: Now that I think about it, maybe Gillian is on to something.

"Now that I think about it, it might be good with peaches," she said.

"It's a colloquialism." She compared it to a figure of speech: "Like asking someone, 'Are you high?' when you're actually saying, 'Are you serious?' "
When the term's connection to spousal abuse was pointed out, she seemed surprised. "Now that you mention it, I'm like, damn!" she said.

Now that I think about it, I guess there is an ove... [ Read More (0.8k in body) ]

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