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Current Topic: Games

iConquer for OSX
Topic: Games 10:14 am EST, Feb  7, 2003

] iConquer is an addictive game of world conquest, played
] by 1 to 6 players. The object of the game is to conquer
] the world by occupying all 42 countries on the map.

Lets play Risk!

iConquer for OSX

Drawn chess game lifts Kasparov
Topic: Games 12:52 pm EST, Jan 29, 2003

] Gary Kasparov achieved a psychologically important draw
] against his computer opponent Deep Junior in the second
] game of their six-round match on Tuesday.
] Playing black, the former world champion forced Deep
] Junior into a draw by sacrificing a strong piece for
] better tactical position. But observers said Deep
] Junior's performance improved, compared to the first game
] in which Kasparov won easily.

Drawn chess game lifts Kasparov

Kasparov 1, chess computer 0
Topic: Games 9:05 am EST, Jan 27, 2003

] World chess champion Garry Kasparov defeated computerized
] challenger Deep Junior on Sunday in the first of six
] games pitting human wit against computer logic.

Awesome! Go Kasparov!

Kasparov 1, chess computer 0 Sim Nation
Topic: Games 9:22 am EST, Nov 25, 2002

] "Next month, when video-game titan Electronic Arts
] launches The Sims Online, it will become something more
] than a game. Using the Internet, The Sims Online will
] enable millions of individual Sims to live, work and hang
] out together in a shared virtual world very much like our
] own. Result: a daring collective social experiment that
] could tell us some interesting things about who we are as
] a country. We're about to witness the birth of Simulation
] Nation." Sim Nation

New Mortal Kombat bloodier than ever
Topic: Games 5:45 pm EST, Nov 24, 2002

] "Mortal Kombat, one of the first video games to
] popularize the use of blood and guts to entice its
] audience, is back with a new version that is bloodier
] than ever.
] Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance has fighters whose wounds
] bleed long after injuries are inflicted and blood is a
] constant companion. This makes for a very messy
] battleground at the end of the fight, but allows for
] interesting effects, such as combatants leaving bloody
] footprints on the ground.
] The game also presents a plethora of ways of finishing an
] opponent: beheadings, ripping skeletons out of bodies or
] soul stealing."

New Mortal Kombat bloodier than ever

Files reveal how FBI hounded chess king
Topic: Games 11:11 am EST, Nov 18, 2002

] "He was the ultimate cold warrior, humbling the mighty
] Soviet chess establishment through his own genius and a
] pounding ambition to be the greatest player in the world.
] At a time when competition with the Soviets was measured
] in moon landings and missile counts, Bobby Fischer beat
] the Russians' best."

Files reveal how FBI hounded chess king

Dragon's Lair 3D
Topic: Games 9:15 am EST, Nov 13, 2002

] "One of the greatest arcade games of all time is
] reinvented for the next generation in videogame systems."


Dragon's Lair 3D

Yahoo! News - Okla. Couple Wins Wife-Carry Contest
Topic: Games 2:20 pm EDT, Oct 14, 2002

"An Oklahoma couple emerged from a course of log hurdles and a muddy water hole as champions in this year's national wife-carrying contest, which was held during the weekend in western Maine.

Warren and Wendy Straatman of Owasso, Okla., came to Maine well-prepared for the challenge. The Straatmans are two-time winners of the Oklahoma Wife Carrying Championships, and the latest event was their third annual attempt to win the elusive national title at the Sunday River ski area.

The Canadians, winners of the Canadian National Wife Carrying Championship at Tillsonburg in July, wore bright white T-shirts and painted Canadian flags on their faces. The 17-year-olds also brought along a contingent of fans to cheer them on.

Yeaaaa...Canada! :)

Yahoo! News - Okla. Couple Wins Wife-Carry Contest

ThinkGeek :: Burn Rate Board Game
Topic: Games 6:01 pm EDT, Oct  7, 2002

"The Dot-Com Card Game
Here's your chance to go back to 1999 and do it wrong, all over again....

BURN RATEĆ¢ is based on the experiences of many technologists during the recent rise and fall of the new economy. With a simple, fun, and uncannily realistic game system, you and your friends will struggle to keep a dot-com startup afloat as the bad business pours in and the money runs out.

Be the last one in business, and you'll win the dubious honor of "Best CEO"! It's great for game lovers, dot-com victims, business students, or anyone that needs some relief from the ups and downs of the economy. "

ThinkGeek :: Burn Rate Board Game

Chess Champion Kramnik Beats 'Deep Fritz' Computer
Topic: Games 9:39 am EDT, Oct  7, 2002

"World human chess champion Vladimir Kramnik took the lead on Sunday over Deep Fritz, the latest computer star, by winning the second game in a match billed as the "Brains of Bahrain" contest.

Kramnik, playing white, exposed flaws in Deep Fritz's technique with a win in 57 moves. Kramnick now leads the eight-game competition 1.5-0.5 after drawing the opening game on Friday.

German-developed Deep Fritz is capable of evaluating 3.5 million moves per second, but once again it was unable break through Kramnik's rock-solid shield. "

Chess Champion Kramnik Beats 'Deep Fritz' Computer

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