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Current Topic: Recreation

NHL's Atlanta Thrashers set to move to Winnipeg
Topic: Recreation 3:42 pm EDT, May 31, 2011

[Updated at 1:45 p.m. ET] Atlanta will be losing a National Hockey League team for the second time, and Winnipeg, Manitoba, will be gaining one for the second time.

The new owner of the franchise, True North Sports and Entertainment, announced Tuesday that it has acquired the team from its current owners, Atlanta Spirit.

The Thrashers will be the second NHL franchise Atlanta has lost to Canada. The Flames moved to Calgary, Alberta, in 1980. Winnipeg lost its previous NHL team, the Jets, to Phoenix in 1996. The team was renamed the Coyotes in Phoenix.

NHL's Atlanta Thrashers set to move to Winnipeg

Miniskirts on Mount Fuji as Japan's `Yama Girls' Spur Trekking
Topic: Recreation 3:26 pm EST, Nov  8, 2010

Forget the ice ax and $500 climbing boots. The mode du jour for today’s female mountain hikers in Japan is a miniskirt and leggings.

The North Face, a maker of Gore-Tex waterproof jackets, and Alpine Tour Service Co. are targeting “yama girls,” or mountain girls, the nickname for the growing number of women who are taking to the hills of Japan wearing short pants or fleece skirts with leggings and designer trekking boots.

“I want to wear something cute like a skirt,” said Machiko Miyauchi, 25, who made her first ascent of Mount Fuji, Japan’s highest peak, earlier this year after buying new equipment and shoes. “Climbing is healing. You can breathe fresh, clean air.”

“It was amazing when we saw the sun rise at the top of Mount Fuji,” said Yumiko Hongo, 25, who works at a recruiting company and spent almost $500 on a climbing jacket and shoes for the hike. “I could really enjoy the nature.”

Miniskirts on Mount Fuji as Japan's `Yama Girls' Spur Trekking

Seven nights of snowy luxury
Topic: Recreation 11:13 pm EST, Feb 12, 2004

] Western Canada is adrift in last-minute ski bargains,
] including seven nights at a five-star resort and a
] six-day lift ticket from $589

Awesome pricing! We should look into this for next year!

Seven nights of snowy luxury

Ski Europe for your next winter vacation in Andorra, Austria, France, Italy and Switzerland.
Topic: Recreation 11:12 pm EST, Feb 12, 2004

Here you'll fine everything for planning and booking your perfect European winter vacations!


We should check this out for next time!

Ski Europe for your next winter vacation in Andorra, Austria, France, Italy and Switzerland.

One Lucky SOB
Topic: Recreation 2:55 pm EST, Jan  8, 2003

] My goal was simple: I wanted to take Lamborghini's new
] Murciélago to its top speed of more than 200 mph. When I
] approached the company staff about it, they surprisingly
] agreed to let me try.

This article makes your heart pound reading it.

One Lucky SOB

Topless tour bus adds spice to Berlin
Topic: Recreation 1:05 pm EST, Dec  6, 2002

] "A tour bus filled with beer-drinking passengers and a
] handful of strippers is plying the night-time streets of
] Berlin, giving the German capital a hot new tourist
] attraction. "

Topless tour bus adds spice to Berlin

Experience an Alien Abduction
Topic: Recreation 10:39 am EST, Nov  4, 2002

] "Thousands of individuals are abducted by
] extraterrestrial beings each year.
] Who do the aliens choose, and why haven't they chosen
] you? " -- Call now!

Experience an Alien Abduction

For the Golfer who really sucks!
Topic: Recreation 2:12 pm EDT, Jul 23, 2002

The title says it all! :)

For the Golfer who really sucks!

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