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Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac (free)
Topic: Computers 11:29 pm EST, Nov 19, 2010

Anti-virus software maker Sophos -- who recently introduced a free Mac Home Edition of their anti-malware program -- have gathered the statistics generated by their 150,000-strong Mac user base to compile a snapshot report on threats facing the platform. While the results tacitly admit the lack of actual Mac viruses and the low incidence of other Mac-specific malware, the company says the risk of Mac-specific or platform-independent non-virus malware -- and the need for detection software -- is growing.

The company has analyzed just under 50,000 malware reports since it first released its free Mac Home Edition on November 2nd. The majority of the flagged malware (98 percent) turned out to be Windows-specific, but two percent of reports (just under 1,000 instances) turned out to be OS-X specific DNS-changing Trojans. These are typically disguised as pirated copies of Mac software, often seen on BitTorrent sites, or planted on other web sites as free downloads or special plug-ins required to view videos. While not the same as actual computer viruses, they do trick users and create annoying or embarrassing problems.

Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac (free)

Video: Mercedes-Benz investigates where your eyes wander
Topic: Cars and Trucks 9:34 pm EST, Nov 19, 2010


Video: Mercedes-Benz investigates where your eyes wander

Georgia Tech pairs autonomous Porsche Cayenne with two R/C airplanes
Topic: Technology 9:29 pm EST, Nov 19, 2010

By now, cars that drive themselves have become old news. Every time we turn around there's another organization out to wander half the globe with a driverless van or tackle one of the world's most demanding hill climb events with an automated Audi TT. It just never ends. But the guys and gals at Georgia Tech Research Institute have taken things one step further with its Collaborative Unmanned Systems Technology Demonstrator. During a demonstration for the US Army, the school effectively demonstrated how vastly different robotic vehicles could work together. You know, to get us coffee, take over the world or whatever.

As a part of the 2010 Robotic Rodeo, GTRI used two unmanned aerial vehicles to work in coordination with a roboticized Porsche Cayenne. Once airborne, the two RC planes take over everything from navigation and target location.

So what can all this tech do? GTRI says that in one instance, one of the UAVs can locate a target and radio the location back to the UGV, or unmanned ground vehicle, which then navigates around buildings and obstacles to the location. Meanwhile, the second UAV can continue to use its sensors to evaluate the surroundings. Welcome to the new world

Georgia Tech pairs autonomous Porsche Cayenne with two R/C airplanes

China Move Could Counter Fed’s Efforts
Topic: Markets & Investing 8:15 pm EST, Nov 19, 2010

HONG KONG — China’s central bank unexpectedly announced on Friday night that it would require commercial banks to set aside a bit more money. It was the second such move by Beijing this month and the clearest sign yet that China means to counter the Federal Reserve’s monetary easing in the United States.

But economists were quick to point out that the Chinese central bank had chosen a policy stance particularly well suited to holding down the value of the renminbi against the dollar, at a time when the Federal Reserve was trying to increase the supply of dollars by buying longer-denominated Treasuries.


The currency wars have started

China Move Could Counter Fed’s Efforts

The Federal Reserve is Laundering Money
Topic: Markets & Investing 4:45 pm EST, Nov 18, 2010

Another good one...

The Federal Reserve is Laundering Money

Quantitative easing and Ben Bernak explained
Topic: Markets & Investing 4:13 pm EST, Nov 18, 2010


Quantitative easing and Ben Bernak explained

ringing of the bell announcing GM's public offering with a engine roar of a Camero SS
Topic: Markets & Investing 3:07 pm EST, Nov 18, 2010

They should have rang the cash register where GM still owes $27 billion, to the taxpayers, after the IPO.

ringing of the bell announcing GM's public offering with a engine roar of a Camero SS

Bond Market Defies Fed - Interest Rates Rise Despite Launch of Treasury Buying as Investors Take Profits
Topic: Markets & Investing 10:46 pm EST, Nov 15, 2010

Bucking the Federal Reserve's efforts to push interest rates lower, investors are selling off U.S. government debt, driving rates in many cases to their highest levels in more than three months.

The trend is a potential problem for the economy and the Fed. Rates had fallen sharply for months in anticipation of a Fed buying program, and in a short time much of that effect has been lost, spelling an unwelcome rise in borrowing costs throughout the economy.

That could throw a wrench in what the Fed is trying to accomplish: to use low rates to encourage more borrowing and risk-taking by consumers, businesses and investors, thereby reviving growth.



Bond Market Defies Fed - Interest Rates Rise Despite Launch of Treasury Buying as Investors Take Profits

China's 'State Capitalism' Sparks a Global Backlash
Topic: Economics 10:43 pm EST, Nov 15, 2010

"The Chinese have shown that if they have the ability to kill your model and take your profits, they will," says Ian Bremmer, president of New York-based consultancy Eurasia Group. His book, "The End of the Free Market," argues that a rising tide of "state capitalism" led by China threatens to erode the competitive edge of the U.S

China's 'State Capitalism' Sparks a Global Backlash

Top Gear America
Topic: Cars and Trucks 10:08 pm EST, Nov 15, 2010

One of the UK's most popular series since 1977, Top Gear now brings its high-adrenaline action entertainment to America. The series tracks the colorful history of the automobile and showcases an offbeat celebration of the art of driving, featuring super-cars, extreme stunts and challenges, car reviews and celebrity interviews, as well as the eccentric adventures of its hosts with Top Gear's customary wit and humor. Hosted by comedian and car buff Adam Ferrara, champion rally and drift racer Tanner Foust and racing analyst Rutledge Wood, Top Gear explores the history of America, one lap at a time.

Premieres Sunday, November 21, at 10/9c
Also.. Sunday, Nov 28, 10/9c Blind Drift: TVPG

Top Gear America

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