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Current Topic: United States

Voters dissatisfied with Bush, Congress - Politics -
Topic: United States 9:57 pm EDT, May 18, 2005

] WASHINGTON - As the Senate marches closer toward a nuclear showdown over
] President Bush’s judicial nominees, the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds
] that the American public is dissatisfied — with Congress and its priorities, with Bush’s
] plan to overhaul Social Security and with the nation’s economy and general direction.
] Moreover, a majority believes that the Senate should make its own decision about the
] president’s judicial nominees, rather than just generally confirming them.
] Perhaps the most revealing finding in the poll is the
] attitude toward Congress. Just 33 percent of the
] respondents approve of Congress%u2019 job. That%u2019s
] down 6 points since a poll in April and 8 points since
] January.%u201CThe public is exceptionally displeased with
] the Congress,%u201D Hart said. %u201CIt is [its] lowest
] set of numbers since May of 1994,%u201D the year when
] congressional Republicans defeated their Democratic
] counterparts in the midterm elections to take control of
] both the House and Senate. According to this poll, by 47
] percent to 40 percent the public says it would prefer
] Democrats controlling Congress after the 2006 elections.

Voters dissatisfied with Bush, Congress - Politics - - California to ban hunting over Internet - May 4, 2005
Topic: United States 2:26 am EDT, May  7, 2005

] SACRAMENTO, California (AP) -- Wildlife regulators took
] the first step Tuesday to bar hunters from using the
] Internet to shoot animals, responding to a Texas Web site
] that planned to let users fire at real game with the
] click of a mouse.The Fish and Game Commission ordered
] wildlife officials to prepare emergency regulations to
] ban the practice. A period of public comment will
] follow."We don't think Californians should be able to
] hunt sitting at their computers at home," said Steve
] Martarano, a spokesman for the state Department of Fish
] and Game.A bill passed by the state Senate two weeks ago
] would prohibit use of computer-assisted hunting sites and
] ban the import or export of any animal killed using
] computer-assisted hunting. The measure now moves to the
] state Assembly.

So un-American of those politicians to try banning hunting over the internet.
:) - California to ban hunting over Internet - May 4, 2005 - Teen sues over Confederate flag prom dress - Dec 22, 2004
Topic: United States 8:27 pm EST, Dec 22, 2004

] LEXINGTON, Kentucky (AP) -- A teenager is suing her
] school district for barring her from the prom last spring
] because she was wearing a dress styled as a large
] Confederate battle flag.
] The lawsuit filed Monday in U.S. District Court claims
] the Greenup County district and administrators violated
] Jacqueline Duty's First Amendment right to free speech
] and her right to celebrate her heritage at predominantly
] white Russell High School's prom May 1. She also is suing
] for defamation, false imprisonment and assault.
] "Her only dance for her senior prom was on the sidewalk
] to a song playing on the radio," said her lawyer,
] Earl-Ray Neal. - Teen sues over Confederate flag prom dress - Dec 22, 2004

Turn Your Back On Bush
Topic: United States 8:23 pm EST, Dec 22, 2004

] The election is over. The fight is not.
] Elections are only one part of democracy. We need to
] think strategically about direct action, learn from a
] rich history of nonviolent activism, and develop new
] tactics to take on this administration.
] Let's start from the start: Inauguration Day.
] On January 20th, 2005, we're calling for a new kind of
] action. The Bush administration has been successful at
] keeping protesters away from major events in the last few
] years by closing off areas around events and using
] questionable legal strategies to outlaw public dissent.
] We can use these obstacles to develop new tactics. On
] Inauguration day, we don't need banners, we don't need
] signs, we just need people.
] We're calling on people to attend inauguration as they
] are: members of the public. Once through security and at
] the procession, at a given signal, we'll all turn our
] backs on Bush. A simple, clear and coherent message.

Turn Your Back On Bush

Audio mp3 of Kerry doing the Flip Flop
Topic: United States 9:48 pm EDT, Oct 20, 2004

mp3 of Kerry support both sides of many issues.

Audio mp3 of Kerry doing the Flip Flop

The Case for Leaving Iraq Pronto
Topic: United States 12:17 am EDT, Apr 25, 2004

] FAILURE OF WILL? In an article in the spring issue of The
] National Interest, the former president of the liberal
] Carnegie Endowment for International Peace weighs the
] costs and benefits of both staying and leaving. Of course
] success with a policy is always better than failing. But
] he concludes that a U.S. pullout wouldn't be crippling,
] partly because it's so uncertain that staying would
] achieve any of the goals the Bush Administration has laid
] out. Here's his argument:

The Case for Leaving Iraq Pronto

Girl Dies When Car Drags Her Three Miles
Topic: United States 6:28 pm EST, Feb 10, 2004

] A girl died after her coat got caught in a car door and
] she was dragged for about three miles on rural roads.


Girl Dies When Car Drags Her Three Miles

The Happy Place
Topic: United States 9:56 pm EST, Feb  4, 2004

] A high school senior's choice for a work-study job was a
] little too racy in the eyes of her superintendent.

The Happy Place

Will Giuliani replace Cheney in 2004?
Topic: United States 9:19 am EST, Jan 27, 2004

] A well-placed source says that the president will
] most likely drop Dick Cheney from his
] re-election ticket and his first choice for a replacement
] is former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani.
] The issue of Cheney%u2019s health will probably be
] given as the reason,says the insider.
] There's a short list of possible replacements,
] and Rudy is at the top of the list.

Will Giuliani replace Cheney in 2004?

What, We Worry? Yes. (
Topic: United States 12:02 am EST, Jan 18, 2004

] The United States is overextended, not just militarily
] but economically. We are trying to do too much, borrow
] too much, spend too much, and sooner or later we will
] have to suffer the consequences. We are a country in the
] beginning stages of what can best be described as
] hegemonic decay. Empires take decades if not centuries to
] wither, a process more clearly viewed through a rearview
] mirror; Edward Gibbon's masterful account of the decline
] and fall of the Roman Empire is perhaps the greatest
] example of this truth. But here and now, we're much less
] inclined to Gibbon's viewpoint than we are to Alfred E.
] Newman's. "What, we worry?" is pretty much the national
] motto when it comes to our finance-based economy and its
] future prospects.

Good article by the Bond King on where the US economy is going...

What, We Worry? Yes. (

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