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Current Topic: Politics and Law

Foreign Policy: Four More Years
Topic: Politics and Law 7:06 pm EST, Nov  8, 2004

] The Doomsayers suggest that Bush’s second term is
] likely to produce further military interventions
] overseas, along the lines of Iraq in 2003. Perhaps Syria
] may be the next target of U.S. military power, they
] suggest, or Iran. They believe that the neoconservatives
] (that is, officials such as Deputy Secretary of Defense
] Paul Wolfowitz), who were the driving force behind the
] Bush administration’s preventive war against Iraqi
] leader Saddam Hussein, will have even greater power and
] influence, now that the president has won reelection.
] “Secretary of State Colin Powell is not staying for a
] second term,� warned one Foreign Service officer,
] writing under the byline “Anonymousâ€? on
] last month. “When he goes the last bulwark against
] complete neoconservative control of U.S. foreign policy
] goes with him.�
] The Skeptics contend that Bush’s foreign policy in his
] second term will turn out to be more cautious and less
] belligerent than his first, if not by choice, then by
] compulsion. Whatever some hawks might like to do, the
] reality is that the Bush administration will face a
] series of constraints—military, diplomatic, political,
] and economic—that will curb its ability to launch new
] preventive wars. Moreover, say adherents of the Skeptic
] school, the power of the neoconservatives inside the
] administration will probably be diminished, not
] augmented, during Bush’s second term.

Foreign Policy: Four More Years - Aides: Ashcroft likely to leave post - Nov 4, 2004
Topic: Politics and Law 12:48 am EST, Nov  5, 2004

] Ashcroft is expected to resign before Bush's January 20
] inauguration, said aides who spoke only on condition of
] anonymity. They said there is a small chance he would
] stay on, at least for a short time, if Bush asked him.
] Names that have been floated in recent weeks as a possible
] replacement include Ashcroft's former deputy, Larry Thompson,
] who would become the first black attorney general.
] Others include Marc Racicot, who was Bush's campaign manager,
] and White House general counsel Alberto Gonzalez, who would
] give Bush a notable Hispanic appointment.

Yea! One down.. a few more to go... - Aides: Ashcroft likely to leave post - Nov 4, 2004

Ask not what you can do for your country, but WHO you can do. -- Running for VP
Topic: Politics and Law 5:53 pm EDT, Oct 22, 2004

Adult movie star Marilyn Chambers -- a former Ivory Soap model before she turned to porn in the mid-1970s -- is the Personal Choice candidate for Vice President. She made her name starring in such X-rated 1970s and 1980s classics as Behind the Green Door and Insatiable. In the late 1990s, Chambers made a successful return to porn, and she continues to appear in porn flicks today (making her one of the oldest stars to regularly appear these days in mainstream porn). During the period in which she left porn (before her return to the industry), Chambers owned and operated a gun shop. This 2004 VP run is Chambers' first foray into politics. Marilyn Chambers Taylor is her married name.

Ask not what you can do for your country, but WHO you can do. -- Running for VP

Leonard Peltier for President
Topic: Politics and Law 5:48 pm EDT, Oct 22, 2004

I am a Native American who has suffered nearly 28 years in prison, even though government attorneys and courts acknowledge that the government withheld evidence, fabricated evidence, and coerced witnesses to fraudulently convict me. But the courts say they have no power to correct the wrongs of our government. If the Courts do not, who does? I will ensure that all peoples receive justice. Environmental protection is paramount for our survival. The earth is our sacred Mother who nourishes us. Our government is destroying the earth by allowing its usurpation for greedy purposes. I will protect the environment. All minorities must be allowed to maintain their languages and traditions with dignity. I personally suffered the indignity of being deprived of speaking my native tongue and following Lakota traditions. This country has engaged in genocidal policies to exterminate virtually every minority, especially those who express dissent and seek equal justice. Now is the time to end the continuing injustices of this government and ensure liberty and equal health care to all. Luther Standing Bear, a Sioux Chief, stated: "Out of the Indian approach to life became a great freedom -- an intense and absorbing love for nature; a respect for life; enriching in a supreme power; and principals of truth, honesty, generosity, equity, and brotherhood as a guard to mundane relations." That statement exemplifies the basic truths of life. I will represent all people, not the entrepreneurs who care only how much money can be stuffed into their pockets.

Leonard Peltier for President

WWSD? (What would SpongeBob Do?)
Topic: Politics and Law 10:52 pm EDT, Oct 21, 2004

An unusual opinion poll that has correctly predicted the winner of the last four presidential elections has given Democratic challenger Kerry 57 percent against 43 percent for Bush, according to results released on Wednesday.

The Nickelodeon cable channel, better known for programs "SpongeBob Squarepants" and "Jimmy Neutron," conducted "Kids Vote," an online survey of almost 400,000 children on Tuesday.

Nickelodeon, a unit of Viacom Inc., has organized its poll every election since 1988, and has a 100 percent record of picking the winner.

WWSD? (What would SpongeBob Do?) - Pelosi questions Bush's competence
Topic: Politics and Law 7:17 pm EDT, May 20, 2004

] House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Thursday sharply
] questioned President Bush's competence as a leader,
] suggesting his policy in Iraq is to blame for the loss of
] U.S. lives.
] "The emperor has no clothes," Pelosi, D-California, told
] reporters on Thursday. "When are people going to face the
] reality? Pull this curtain back."

Im not sure I want to pull the curtain back if the emperor has no clothes. ;) - Pelosi questions Bush's competence

With gas prices rising, campaign battle looms
Topic: Politics and Law 6:20 pm EDT, May 15, 2004

] Kerry's energy proposals so far have put more emphasis on
] conservation-oriented measures. Kerry's plan calls for
] the development of a "renewable energy trust fund."
] Development of renewable energy sources could reduce U.S.
] oil dependence by more than 2 million barrels a day,
] equal to current Persian Gulf imports, the Kerry plan
] says.
] Kerry, however, appears to have softened earlier calls to
] raise the nation's fuel economy standards to 36 miles per
] gallon by 2015, up from current standards of 27.5 mpg for
] cars and 20.7 mpg for light trucks -- a proposal that's
] seen as not terribly popular in Michigan and battleground
] industrial states.

With gas prices rising, campaign battle looms

Rumsfeld approved 'harsh' interrogation - Iraq
Topic: Politics and Law 10:02 pm EDT, May 14, 2004

] US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld approved the use of
] "harsh" interrogation techniques at Guantanamo Bay,
] including stripping detainees naked, making them hold
] "stress" positions and depriving them of sleep, a
] Pentagon official has confirmed.
] Stephen Cambone, the under-secretary of defence for
] intelligence, also said severe interrogation techniques,
] including the use of dogs to intimidate prisoners, had
] been approved by military commanders in Iraq.

Rumsfeld approved 'harsh' interrogation - Iraq - House passes tax cuts for married couples - Apr 28, 2004
Topic: Politics and Law 8:47 pm EDT, Apr 28, 2004

] WASHINGTON (AP) -- The House voted Wednesday to lower
] taxes for some married couples, part of an election-year
] push to lock in some of President Bush's most popular tax
] cuts.
] The bill, passed 323-95, would permanently change three
] parts of tax law that cause some married couples to pay
] higher taxes than they would as single individuals and
] reduce their taxes $105 billion over the next decade.
] Some married couples face a tax increase next year if the
] changes expire as scheduled.

Always letting the single working people pick up the tab. - House passes tax cuts for married couples - Apr 28, 2004

McCain-Feingold's Internet Loophole
Topic: Politics and Law 11:13 pm EDT, Apr 27, 2004

] Hey, George Soros! You're sending sackloads of cash to
] all sorts of groups dedicated to defeating President Bush
] this November. But by so ruthlessly exploiting one
] loophole in campaign-finance law”the one that allows
] unlimited donations to the political nonprofits known as
] 527 committees ”you're ignoring a different, equally
] large loophole. And it's one that affects a medium no one
] seems to be taking advantage of yet: the Internet.
] 1. The Internet is the only place where political parties can still
] spend soft money on the presidential election.
] 2. On the Internet, you can run things that look like TV ads.
] 3. There are fewer disclosure requirements.

McCain-Feingold's Internet Loophole

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