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Current Topic: Society

Handcuffs the New Must-Have for Women?
Topic: Society 5:17 pm EST, Nov 28, 2002

] "Handcuffs are the fastest selling item at five new shops
] tailored for women by Germany's biggest retailer of sex
] merchandise, the store chain said on Wednesday.
] Beate Uhse AG said handcuffs have been flying off the
] shelves of stores it opened this year to focus on sex
] toys for women, rather than the traditional male
] clientele.
] "Women's sexual appetites are steeped more in the realm
] of fantasy -- they like to use their imagination more
] than men," said Assia Tschernookoff, a spokeswoman for
] Beate Uhse at corporate headquarters in Flensburg."

Handcuffs the New Must-Have for Women?

ThinkGeek :: Localhost ( Tshirt
Topic: Society 6:57 pm EST, Nov 26, 2002

] "We recommend that you wear this tshirt in 'solipsistic
] mode' in which you move around the world and perceive
] that the only reason anything outside your immediate
] neural network exists is because of your needs and your
] demands. You are the center of the known and unknown
] Universe, you are the prime singularity, you alone are
] the localhost. baby. And don't forget it."

ThinkGeek :: Localhost ( Tshirt

Young Americans flunk geography
Topic: Society 4:10 pm EST, Nov 20, 2002

] "THE SOCIETY survey found that only about one in seven
] %u2014 13 percent %u2014 of Americans ages 18 to 24 could
] find Iraq. The score was the same for Iran, an Iraqi
] neighbor.
] Although the majority, 58 percent, of the young
] Americans surveyed knew that the Taliban and al-Qaida
] were based in Afghanistan, only 17 percent could find
] that country on a world map. A U.S.-led force attacked
] the Taliban and al-Qaida in Afghanistan in October 2001,
] and President Bush has said he is prepared to use force
] to rid Iraq of any chemical, nuclear or biological
] weapons programs."

Do you know where you are?????

Young Americans flunk geography

The problem of suboptimization
Topic: Society 2:40 pm EST, Nov 13, 2002

Principa Cybernetica mathematically demonstrates why capitalism is doomed to fail. The pursuit of exclusive individual gain destroys the basis of wealth in the long run. If I may editorialize, and I may, greed is a shit-poor organizing principle for society, which would be obvious if it wasn't the air we breathe.

The problem of suboptimization

Wired News: Gates Says He's Giving It Away
Topic: Society 3:56 pm EST, Nov 12, 2002

] ""The idea that I would take the sizable portion of my
] fortune and have them inherit it ... I don't think that
] would be to society's benefit or their benefit."
] The Gates, married in 1994, have three children,
] Jennifer, 6; Rory, 3; and baby Phoebe, born in September.
] "I don't think it is constructive to grow up having
] billions of dollars," Gates said. He added that he would
] "make sure that they are taken care of ... they can live
] comfortably." Gates previously has said his children would
] inherit about $10 million each. "

Think they will intern at Microsoft or just live off the
interst? :D

Wired News: Gates Says He's Giving It Away

Pentagon Plans a Computer System That Would Peek at Personal Data of Americans
Topic: Society 4:23 pm EST, Nov 11, 2002

Admiral Poindexter quietly returned to the government in January to take charge of the Office of Information Awareness at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, known as Darpa. The office is responsible for developing new surveillance technologies in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks.

In order to deploy such a system, known as Total Information Awareness, new legislation would be needed, some of which has been proposed by the Bush administration in the Homeland Security Act that is now before Congress. That legislation would amend the Privacy Act of 1974, which was intended to limit what government agencies could do with private information.

The possibility that the system might be deployed domestically to let intelligence officials look into commercial transactions worries civil liberties proponents.

"This could be the perfect storm for civil liberties in America," said Marc Rotenberg, director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center in Washington "The vehicle is the Homeland Security Act, the technology is Darpa and the agency is the F.B.I. The outcome is a system of national surveillance of the American public."


Invest in a DOD contractor today. Oh wait, you can't. They're privately held! Oops!

Pentagon Plans a Computer System That Would Peek at Personal Data of Americans

How al Qaeda put Internet to use -
Topic: Society 4:02 pm EST, Nov 11, 2002

"How al Qaeda put Internet to use"
In February 2000, an Egyptian merchant here in Guangzhou, the commercial hub of southern China, asked a local Internet firm for help in setting up a Web site. After lengthy haggling over the fee, he paid $362 to register a domain name and rent space on a server.

How al Qaeda put Internet to use -

Topic: Society 9:16 am EST, Oct 30, 2002

"George W. Bush and his henchmen stole the presidency. They threw thousands of innocent people into prison without even charging them with a crime. They're gearing up to invade Iraq without bothering to come up with a substantial justification. Now some Democrats and progressive Americans are asking the unthinkable about an administration they increasingly believe to be ruled by thugs and renegades. Did government gangsters murder the United States' most liberal legislator?
Ronald Reagan (news - web sites) may have been a hard line conservative, but had Wellstone died during his watch you wouldn't have heard liberals asking whether the Gipper had had him offed. Bush is different. Asking mailmen to spy on ordinary Americans, creating military tribunals for anyone deemed an "enemy combatant," locking prisoners of war in dog cages, spending a decade's worth of savings in six months, allowing journalists to die rather than provide them with help in a war zone, smearing Democratic politicians as anti-American, invading sovereign nations without excuse--these are acts that transgress essential American reasonableness. A man capable of these things seems, by definition, capable of anything. "


Making My Own Music
Topic: Society 2:00 pm EDT, Oct 25, 2002

I am not the only one digitizing music. Without breaking any law, I could just as easily have gone on the Web to download the songs I had bought in the same digital format, thanks to the prior work of many other music lovers. So far music listeners around the world have digitized more than 850,000 albums and 10 million songs of all musical genres. Fans have already converted almost all music ever recorded.

Kevin Kelly has written an op-ed piece about the Eldred v. Ashcroft case in the New York Times. Can you guess which side of the debate he favors?

[ Interesting, but he missed all of the DJ oriented vinyl that has been released over the past 10 years. Admittedly it's a small slice, but almost assuredly the bulk of it is not digitized. Most of these tracks (even popular ones) have runs of less than 50,000 total. The average is probably clsoer to 2,000. There is a completely new body of underground music that is mostly untapped and unheard by the masses. --Rek ]

Making My Own Music

Seeking bin Laden in the classifieds
Topic: Society 10:46 am EDT, Oct  4, 2002

"The class-action lawsuit filed in February seeks more than $1 billion compensatory damages and $100 billion in punitive damages from bin Laden and his al-Qaida terror network, blaming them for the 9/11 attacks. "
"After years of living in Afghanistan, where he is presumed by the U.S. military to be in hiding today, bin Laden’s reading habits in the isolated nation are not known. In one of the several videos bin Laden has appeared in since the attacks, he made reference to listening to a radio on the day the World Trade Center towers were destroyed.
The multibillion-dollar suit filed by the seven families in Washington was later joined by a $1 trillion lawsuit on behalf of 600 families that names the Saudi Arabian government, international banks and Islamic organizations as sharing responsibility for the 9/11 attacks. The first suit is considered easier to win, as the defendants are not expected to show up in court. "

Can I sign up also in the class action?

Seeking bin Laden in the classifieds

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