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Topic: Activism 9:10 pm EST, Dec 11, 2003

Sometimes i think Ann Coulter exists only to enrage me. She's aleady called me a traitor to my nation, and called for my imprisonment and hanging, for no more than bringing up the fact that maybe, perhaps, the president of our country wasn't completely forthright with us about certain things. Things that involve the lives of millions and, as it turns out, the deaths of thousands. And then she has the audacity to claim that liberals are mindless drones who will vote for whomever the democratic party puts forth. *I'm* the one in lockstep? Please, Ann, take a look at your own jackboots and check real carefully for the 'W' emblazoned on them, you complete tool of neoconservatism.

I won't get into her tearing apart one poor girl whose emotion clearly makes her a retard incapable of making important choices. We must base our decisions on military pragmatism, and anything else makes you no better than a terrorist.

I'm pretty sure the Democrats aren't the ones comparing Dean to McGovern and "wearily predicting a landslide for Bush". Once again, Ann makes a blanket statement and provides ABSOLUTELY NO SUPPORT for it. For every democrat or liberal i know, a Bush landslide is nothing more than nightmare vision... perhaps we're all prescient, and that's the prediction she means. Hmph. This is a flat out lie to add to her many others.

And from here, we move onto some really classic Coulter : Whenever liberals all start singing from the same hymnal, they are up to no good. (Or since we're talking about American liberals here, maybe I should say, "when they all start reading from the same Quran.")
There are a few different things going on here, so lets analyze each of them. First, she makes the claim that unity of voice is evidence of, what, some deep, dark, liberal conspiracy? This from the very same woman who believes that any disagreement with the current administration is treasonous? Once again, Ann, use the mirror. You're the one with the Hymnal, though it has no songs of love, joy or hope in it. Then, she goes racist. Clearly anyone with a Quran is a terrorist and HATES everything american. And clearly liberals are all so ANTI AMERICA that we reinforce our hatred with the terrorists own training manual the Quran. Goddammit Ann, have you ever even seen a Q'ran? No, didn't think so. Then shut the fuck up and keep your xenophobia and racism to your fucking self.

Ok, now she attacks Dean, calling him appalling, spineless and weak. Well, the first is certainly true for her, considering she thinks he's no better than Osama bin Laden, so, no surprise there. I won't even get close to fully dealing with her hawkish discussion of what does and doesn't constitute bravery -- apparently it involves killing someone, or at least taking off in a plane.

Oh, and one of the stand out quotes of the whole piece "the North Vietnamese were savage beasts, but they never attacked America on its own soil. It's a little different to be anti-war now". No, it's not, and it never will be. I accept that war is sometimes necessary. I will never accept it without legitimate assurances that it is the proper course of action. We were lied to. End of story. Congress gave out a blank check, to be drawn on american lives, without doing the fact checking necessary to justify the not-actually-a-war. Afterall, no war was ever declared. Call this a semantic argument, but there *is* a difference between a formal war and unchecked military actions all across the planet.

The next few paragraphs seem to whine about how hard it is for a Republican to get elected, because there are so many people that rely on federal money, and republicans stand for small government. Well, Bush has changed all that, so, i'll ignore the whole rant.

Wait, no, i can't ignore it all... to make a statement about "incalculable government largesse, such as government contracts, corporate welfare, and all the bureaucratic quagmires" and then point the finger at social welfare programs and not the current president can only mean the speaker is completely blind to reality. Seriously just on a completely parallel dimension. Yes, it's workmans comp that's killing this nation. 'Too bad you lost your hands... get a job in, uh, well, QUIT FUCKING WHINING, YOU GODDAMN LIBERAL TERRORIST TRAITOR!'

And now we come full circle where Ann lays out the true nature of the Democratic party for all to see : "its three major planks: abortion, gay marriage and banning the Boy Scouts". Oh you've nailed it, just right on the head, Ann. Those are the only three issues I care about. You must be fucking kidding. Once again, "logic" that can only possible emanate from a completely seaparate plane of reality in which callous and immature insults become witty insight.

Maybe Howard Dean is insane -- he believes people still matter in this country. He belives that democracy, a system which not only allows but explicity ENCOURAGES disagreement and dissent, works for the benefit of america. He believes that LIES can't justify the death of america's troops and that ARROGANT UNILATERALISM is unacceptable behavior in the modern world. Yeah, he's a fucking nutcase... and i'm gonna elect the crazy fucker. I only hope the RATIONAL and INTELLECTUALLY SUPERIOR Ann Coulter can survive in such a crazy place.


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