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Current Topic: Technology

I love my Apple TV
Topic: Technology 11:09 pm EDT, May 29, 2007

I didn't think I would like this as much as I do, but man do I love it, I was going to wait until they came out with a 1080p one, but the guys at the apple store convinced me it wasnt that big a deal (and it turns out they were right), some older displays might have a slight problem with the down convert but my TV was fine, and almost none of the content I have to display is greater than 1280x720 anyways (dvds aren't, neither is anything you get off of itunes), so it works just great...

I highly recommend this product, its taking us one step closer to the future that those old quest commercials promised me...


Baudburn's upcoming wedding
Topic: Technology 7:54 pm EST, Feb 12, 2007

Even though I wasn't invited (sniff), I still have to say that this is one of the most amazing wedding websites I've seen. The photography is amazing.

Congrats on your upcoming nuptials, Baudburn!

Baudburn's upcoming wedding

SGI now at 42.7 teraflops AND! 51.9 teraflops machines
Topic: Technology 2:03 pm EDT, Oct 27, 2004

Jesus!, SGI just gave it to the earth simulator, I bet this thing runs infinite loops really fast...


SGI now at 42.7 teraflops AND! 51.9 teraflops machines

TCCBOOT: TinyCC Boot Loader
Topic: Technology 1:59 pm EDT, Oct 27, 2004

this is a boot loader that has a built in compiler, it compiles the kernel its going to boot then boots it...

sure its a bit useless (though I'm sure someone has thought of a reason for this), but you gotta love that sort of project...


TCCBOOT: TinyCC Boot Loader

HPC Wire
Topic: Technology 1:28 pm EDT, Oct 26, 2004

This is another HPC computing (yeah yeah computing computing, what!) news site, it has some interesting articles...


HPC Wire

Asterisk - The Open Source Linux PBX
Topic: Technology 10:55 am EST, Feb 17, 2004

I want to move the phone line in my apartment to the Black/Yellow pair, leaving all my phones on the Red/Green pair, and then put this in the middle. Then I want to setup a database where all my friends [(who do the same thing) can publish their phone numbers along with their IP addresses. When I pick up my phone the dial tone will come from my computer. I dial a number, and it does a lookup on the database, and if the number is in the database it routes my call over the internet, otherwise it uses pots... All the voip, no monthly fee. Hellz Yeah!]

I'm down...


Asterisk - The Open Source Linux PBX Net file-swappers snap up Windows source code
Topic: Technology 4:33 pm EST, Feb 13, 2004

Well more windows source has been leaked. Let me tell you whats going on. Microsoft leaked the code, right now they have some programmer contributing patches to the linux Kernel, and 6 months from now they are going to sue redhat and the rest of the linux community because some of their code ended up in the kernel. Really, I have seen the memo that has been circulating around Redmond.

[ Interesting theory. Hopefully the Linux folk are being *extra*, *EXTRA* careful about who's contributing patches. Because getting screwd by MS would be double-plus-ungood, a lot. -k] Net file-swappers snap up Windows source code

Ars Technica: Hacking Crusoe
Topic: Technology 4:00 pm EST, Feb 10, 2004

] RWT is running an series of articles (Part I and Part II)
] by an anonymous author who has done an impressive job of
] reverse engineering many of the technical details of
] Transmeta's Code Morphing Software and the VLIW hardware
] at the core of Crusoe.

Ive been looking for something like this for a long time now...


Ars Technica: Hacking Crusoe

US Supreme Court to settle AMD-Intel secrecy dispute in Europe
Topic: Technology 5:40 pm EST, Nov 10, 2003

AMD has been frustrated in its attempts to get evidence from Intel into the EC hearings. Why? Intel, backed by a number of US entities, is arguing that foreign governments do not and should not have the right to subpoena internal information from US companies.

US Supreme Court to settle AMD-Intel secrecy dispute in Europe

Host Identity Protocol
Topic: Technology 11:17 am EDT, Oct 22, 2003

] Host Identity Protocol [3] (HIP) defines a mechanism that
] decouples the transport layer from the internetworking
] layer, and introduces a new Host Identity namespace. When
] a host uses HIP, the transport layer sockets and IPsec
] Security Associations are not bound to IP addresses but
] to Host Identifiers. This document specifies how the
] mapping from Host Identifiers to IP addresses can be
] extended from a static one-to-one mapping into a dynamic
] one-to-many mapping. This enables end-host mobility and
] multi-homing.

Abaddon and I spent some time last summer working on a protocl called Adaptive Addressing Protocol (AAP). It was an attempt to make Mobile IP less silly by allowing hosts to change their IP addresses without dropping connections. It did so by associating connections with a unique identifier, secured by a Diffie Hellman key exchange. Last night, Jeremy points me at this. This is APP, basically. Its amazing how close our designs are. Its also *really* frustrating. We were going to have a working demo this weekend for Phreaknic.

I'm going to read through this stuff and see if there are any design decisions that we made that might be of value to this working group. Having said that, its worth memeing this documentation. This is the right answer for mobile IP and it will probably be the answer we end up with for multihoming of small networks because deploying something like this is less expensive then renumbering the internet geographically.

Host Identity Protocol

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