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Current Topic: Politics and Law

Ed Markey advocates shooting the messenger
Topic: Politics and Law 9:56 pm EDT, Oct 27, 2006

"The Bush Administration must immediately act to investigate, apprehend those responsible, shut down the website, and warn airlines and aviation security officials to be on the look-out for fraudsters or terrorists trying to use fake boarding passes in an attempt to cheat their way through security and onto a plane."

yep, they like to shoot the me i know...

Ed Markey advocates shooting the messenger

Why is it always about sex?
Topic: Politics and Law 4:52 pm EDT, Oct  5, 2006

ok, so like most of my friends who have been following the whole Mark Foley story I've been feeling the schadenfreude, but it does bug me that it takes a sex scandal to get people upset...

ok, I admit, sexual advances on children is one hell of a sex scandal, and there is no doubt in my mind that he's getting what he deserves (maybe not enough even)...I'm also always happy to see the party of "family values" aka the "god hates fags" party get caught up in not only a sex scandal, but a gay sex scandal; but with all the civil liberties scandals around why is this the one that gets people's attention...I mean congress can suspend habeus corpus (sp?) and it barely makes the papers at all, but a congress man likes little boys, hold the fucking presses...

I mean, I guess what with it's not just a sex scandal, but an illegal one, it should be news, but I just wish Americans cared as much about the other things going on in congress...

Why is it always about sex?

Newsweek: Rove gave Time reporter OK to testify
Topic: Politics and Law 4:23 pm EDT, Jul 11, 2005

Top presidential adviser Karl Rove was the anonymous source who released a Time reporter from his promise of confidentiality, allowing the journalist to avoid jail, Newsweek says.

In a story published today, Newsweek reveals more details about the celebrated case stemming from the leak of an undercover CIA agent's name in 2003.

The publication of Valerie Plame's name by Chicago Sun-Times syndicated columnist Robert Novak set off an investigation because it's a crime to knowingly identify an undercover CIA official.

This story keeps getting better... I watched none of the sunday shows so I feel quite blind right now.

Newsweek: Rove gave Time reporter OK to testify

Highly redacted SAIC report on Diebold security
Topic: Politics and Law 8:47 am EDT, Sep 25, 2003

well the parts they didnt censor are pretty damn Im really worried about the parts they removed...

why again does this need to be censored, if they're going to spend tax payers money on something that is broken, why are we spending tax payers money to cover it up...


Highly redacted SAIC report on Diebold security

DOJ spending your money to take your rights
Topic: Politics and Law 3:46 pm EDT, Sep 23, 2003

This web site is a government run web page that is dedicated to making you feel better about the US patriot act...

its already a law, so why do they feel so threatened by it?...perhaps its because they know it does not have real support in this country, and if its not overturned before 2005, most of its provisions will not be renewed...

I dont see why a branch of the government is spending out money to influence our political views, when I elect a democrat I do not expect them to have government paid PR compains targetted at their political why am I getting this from our current administration...


DOJ spending your money to take your rights

Lies, Damn Lies, and the Georgie voting system
Topic: Politics and Law 10:29 am EDT, Sep 23, 2003

so for those of you that went to speak to the georgia secretary of state about the georgia voting system...well the prof. at kennesaw doesn't do anything but make sure it complies with the law, he does no line by line checking of the code, he never looks at the code...

Lies, Damn Lies, and the Georgie voting system

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