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From User: Decius

Seize every minute...look at it and really see it .. live it and never give it back

Sony BRAVIA - The Advert
Topic: Arts 8:39 pm EST, Feb 28, 2006

Sending 250,000 multi-coloured 'superballs' bouncing down the streets of San Francisco may seem the strangest way to do this, but that's exactly what Danish director Nicolai Fuglsig did for the BRAVIA commercial in July this year.

This is old and has been discussed here before, but for some reason the main page isn't memed...

I love this commercial

Sony BRAVIA - The Advert

Your Suggestion Here
Topic: Miscellaneous 3:14 pm EST, Jan  1, 2006

Happy New Year, everyone!

Want some advice for 2006? Well, look no further. Illegal Art placed suggestion boxes in California and New York and invited passers-by to offer a word (or two) of guidance.

A selection:

NEVER give a gun to a duck

Fish closer to the shore

Listen to some old school PUNK ROCK

This is awesome

Your Suggestion Here

BongoJava Nun Bun stolen!
Topic: Current Events 9:58 am EST, Dec 28, 2005

"My gut feeling is that it's destroyed," said Bob Bernstein, the owner of Bongo Java coffee shop, where the bun had been on display for nearly 10 years. "Someone took it, destroyed it and it's the last we'll hear of it."

Someone broke into the Belmont Boulevard coffeehouse yesterday morning, apparently with the sole purpose of stealing the pious pastry. Bills and loose change in charity-donation containers near the bun's glass display case were untouched, Bernstein said.

"They went right for the bun," he said. "What the heck they are going to do with it, I can't imagine. It's sure not something anyone would eat. I hope they do eat it. It will teach them a lesson."

"It's weird," Bernstein said. "You laugh about it a little bit, but it's an empty feeling. It's like the end of an era."

This story was on the Today show this morning including an interview with Bob. Was kinda wierd to wake up to.

BongoJava Nun Bun stolen!

This isn't the real America - Los Angeles Times
Topic: Society 9:15 am EST, Nov 17, 2005

Instead of our tradition of espousing peace as a national priority unless our security is directly threatened, we have proclaimed a policy of "preemptive war," an unabridged right to attack other nations unilaterally to change an unsavory regime or for other purposes. When there are serious differences with other nations, we brand them as international pariahs and refuse to permit direct discussions to resolve disputes.
Regardless of the costs, there are determined efforts by top U.S. leaders to exert American imperial dominance throughout the world. These revolutionary policies have been orchestrated by those who believe that our nation's tremendous power and influence should not be internationally constrained.
Even with our troops involved in combat and America facing the threat of additional terrorist attacks, our declaration of "You are either with us or against us!" has replaced the forming of alliances based on a clear comprehension of mutual interests, including the threat of terrorism.

Jimmy Carter expresses himself far more eloquently here then in recent interviews, and far more eloquently then Gore and Dean have in recent speaches. Reminds me a bit of Steve Wozniak's commentary at Hope. One of the things the left needs to have is a clearer voice.

This isn't the real America - Los Angeles Times

Fox news provides innocent person's home address on air, labeled as a terrorist home!
Topic: Society 5:07 pm EDT, Aug 29, 2005

For the last 2 1/2 weeks, the lives of the couple and their three children have been plunged into an unsettling routine of drivers shouting profanities, stopping to photograph their house and — most recently — spray-painting a slogan on their property.

Their house, a suburban fixer-upper the Voricks bought three years ago, was wrongly identified in a cable news broadcast as the home of a terrorist.

In what Fox News officials concede was a mistake, John Loftus, a former U.S. prosecutor, gave out the address Aug. 7, saying it was the home of a Middle Eastern man, Iyad K. Hilal, who was the leader of a terrorist group with ties to those responsible for the July 7 bombings in London.

Satellite photos of the house and directions to the residence were posted online.

This is, perhaps, the worst example of irresponsible journalism that I have EVER heard of. This is absolutely terrible!

Worst part:

The Voricks say they have yet to see or hear a correction.

How can Fox News get away with this kind of stuff?

Fox news provides innocent person's home address on air, labeled as a terrorist home!

ICE - In Case of Emergency
Topic: Miscellaneous 3:21 pm EDT, Jul 25, 2005

There is no simpler way of letting the emergency services know who to contact should you be involved in an accident than by using ICE.

This is a cool concept

ICE - In Case of Emergency

News Corporation to Acquire Intermix for $580 Million - New York Times
Topic: Business 4:50 pm EDT, Jul 18, 2005

The News Corporation, making one of its largest bets on the Internet, announced today that it is paying $580 million in cash to acquire Intermix Media Inc., a Los Angeles-based company whose chief asset is, a Web site that is enjoying surging popularity with young audiences.

News Corporation to Acquire Intermix for $580 Million - New York Times | The Underappreciated Art of Firecracker Labels!
Topic: Current Events 3:24 pm EDT, Jul  4, 2005

I really can't think of a more underappreciated form of art than firecracker labels. Think about it. Sure you might buy the ones that look the coolest, but soon after you're lighting 'em on fire. The once amazing artwork is now blown to smithereens and you couldn't care less.

Happy 4th of July! | The Underappreciated Art of Firecracker Labels!

CollegeHumor Newsletter
Topic: Miscellaneous 9:12 am EDT, May 20, 2005

] Paul Dillenberger, Bill Heinemann, and Don Rawitsch
] may not be on any legal tender, but that
] doesn't mean they're not just as important as some of our
] presidents. While student teaching in Minnesota, these three
] men created the edutainment classic The Oregon Trail.

Wow. We use to have to play this game for hours in my third grade gifted class.

CollegeHumor Newsletter

FRONTLINE/WORLD . Lebanon - The Earthquake
Topic: Miscellaneous 5:32 pm EDT, May 18, 2005

This was a hopeful Frontline. Coverage of democratization in Lebanon and the return of Liberia to peace. Particularly interesting was the interviews with people in Syria on the Iraqi border. The people there seemed shifty and real. I didn't feel like reporter or reportee were trying to insert a message. The messages were between the lines.

The image of a US fort in Iraq with its flag raised high against nightly mortar attacks was pretty powerful. Its an image you've seen in 1000 movies but this one is real.

FRONTLINE/WORLD . Lebanon - The Earthquake

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