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Jack Thompson Walks Out on His Own Disbarment Hearing


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Jack Thompson Walks Out on His Own Disbarment Hearing
Topic: Video Games 9:20 pm EDT, Jun  4, 2008

Wow! Even more lunacy.

Today (June 4th) Jack Thompson--Asshat Lawyer Extraordinaire--actually walked out on his own disbarment hearing, after discovering that the overseer in the case was aiming for "enhanced disbarment" meaning not only were they planning on stripping him of his legal credentals, they were planning on banning him from even trying to regain them for ten years. Well, looks like at the rate he's going they're going to wind up giving him jail time as well. I recommend they use the wing reserved for compulsive anal rapists.

Thompson, much in the fashion of how we got to this point in the first place has filed what he calls "Thompson's Formal Objection to June 4 Sanctions Hearing", which is of course, filled with just loads of things that have almost nothing to do with why he's being disbarred.

It seems that not even the Florida Bar will tolerate Thompson's form of unending legal trollery.

* For those who haven't caught on yet, the trolling technique in question is rather close to Argumentum ad lapidem in that Thompson, rather than talk about why he shouldn't be disbarred for (just one example) filing gay porn and literally thousands of irrelevant documents in his case against Rock Star Productions, chooses instead to argue that he's being persecuted for just dozens of things completely unrelated to anything going on at the moment. The general idea being that the troll can sucker someone into arguing each and every one of these irrelevant points until they are either completely confused, get frustrated and give up, or just die from old age. Trolls using this technique generally consider Argument from silence the winning condition.

Jack Thompson Walks Out on His Own Disbarment Hearing

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