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Current Topic: Computers

MythTV Executive Overview
Topic: Computers 10:29 am EST, Dec 23, 2006

For those of you considering building yourself a MythTV system for recording your TV shows with, I just finished scribbling up an executive (i.e., "small words only") overview of how MythTV works to stop some of the really stupid questions from being repeated over and over in #MythTV-users.

It even has a nice picture for the functionally-illiterate.

MythTV Executive Overview

BumpTop Desktop Interface useful?
Topic: Computers 1:27 pm EDT, Jun 22, 2006

I don't know that this would be useful as a workstation "desktop", but as file organization of graphical and semi-graphical data goes, these guys seem to have hit a new plateau of utility. They've got a long video of an (apparently working) UI for the 3D representation of files as physical objects to factiltate cleaning up like one would their desk (if they ever cleaned their desk). There's some things it's not going to handle, but... Try not to think about the hand-jewelry too much. Some people are just born that way.

I strongly recommend you watch the YouTube video all the way through (especially you Mac users).

BumpTop Desktop Interface useful?

New World Order v0.9
Topic: Computers 3:01 pm EDT, Jul  6, 2004

For the more sinister among you, I present the New World Order wallpaper collection. A set of eight inspirational messages to help you better perform the way your corporate masters intended.

As a side note, these _are_ loaded into the ReplayTV here. It's actually somewhat amusing to see them looming ominously there on the television screen.

New World Order v0.9

TechTV Staff Being Fired?
Topic: Computers 1:55 am EDT, May  7, 2004

This has to be the _most_ ignorant and irrational decision ever made by a cable network. Granted, G4 is Comcast's "baby", but that channel absolutely _sucks_ and is very likely to continue to suck. TechTV has managed to produce consistently entertaining and informative programming for quite some time now. Are newbies expected to now learn about computing technology from Microsoft press releases or something?

TechTV Staff Being Fired?

Coastguard Sunk by Sasser
Topic: Computers 1:03 pm EDT, May  5, 2004

The real question that should be coming to people's mind by now, is that regardless of what kind of happy smiling support contract you're paying through the nose for, if a platform has a history of frequent, wide-sweeping, and catastrophic failures in it's security mechanisms, should you really be using it on your mission-critical systems?

Coastguard Sunk by Sasser

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