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Fox Attacks: Much More Fun Than Just Taking It In The Rear from Bill O'Reilly


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Fox Attacks: Much More Fun Than Just Taking It In The Rear from Bill O'Reilly
Topic: Activism 8:13 am EDT, Jul 29, 2007

Okay, pointless internet trollery aside... This looks like fun.

Basically, here's the backstory...

Some bloggers who didn't apparently care for the bullshit that Bill O'RLY spews out apparently called him names on their blog.

Bill somehow got wind of this (which is astounding because I didn't think Internet reached the nether depths of his ass yet) and began talking trash about said bloggers.

Fast forward a bit, bloggers fight back (because a large group of people combining their free time to come up with snarky replies will always win over one lone man's attempt at snarky replies, always--and let's not forget that the faceless hordes are actually used to opponents who can respond immediately and in kind) tearing apart Bill O'Reilly's precious little arguments and then stomping on the pieces.

Bill O'Reilly attempts to fight back using bully tactics. He digs around on their blogs a bit and finds that said bloggers have a small convention they attend. This convention has a sponsor (who probably gave them $100 and a stack of napkins) called JetBlue. Bill O'Reilly contacts JetBlue and (more or less) accuses JetBlue of sleeping with Al'Queda and killing kittens by sponsoring the convention held by the bloggers.

Bloggers, and everyone else who's gone beyond grade school, consider this to be a beyond-the-pale example of skullduggery on level with Michele Malkin. So, in response, said bloggers mobilize a bit, and begin contacting Bill O'Reilly's sponsors, calling into question why they apparently back up a man so full of vitriol, hatred, and bullshit. Lowe's considers this and drops their ads. Bill O'Reilly, not yet having learned his lesson, continues to press the issue and trash talk bloggers everywhere.

Fast forward a bit more... It's time for everyone to jump up and down on Bill O'Reilly's public face. The man hasn't yet learned that talking trash about special-interest groups and having millions ignore you in disgust is a bit different than talking trash at special-interest groups until they're angry enough to stop ignoring you and leave the high-road to do something about it.

Moral: Do not fuck with people who argue their way to the truth on a daily basis unless you are doing so from a 100% stainless steel and iron clad podium of absolutely inarguable points.


Fox Attacks: Much More Fun Than Just Taking It In The Rear from Bill O'Reilly

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